2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up With Ang & Elz

Welcome Book Lovers 
Come Sit Down Take A Load Off See What
You Have Missed Out On!

We have loved this week it felt busy yet it wasn't, While We Were reading and Pimping and for those who know us well we like the dirty naughty pics WELL We got in trouble with FB by posting a "nudity" pic which in our opinion was not bad At all!!
Here Is What We Posted
Angel Steel Teaser For Sweet Surrender
Links for Sweet Surrender:

So We Say suck on Our Clit's Bitch To Who ever Reported it i hope you sleep better at night!!

Oh We Found this Wicked hot MM gif 

Seriously Tho We Love Pimping and Reading
so shoot us an Email if you need anything
Done *winks*

So We have been Reading and Writing Reviews

Ang Read Undefeated By Scott Hildreth

Revive By Nina Levine

Incandescent By River Savage

Elz Read Tyler by Jo Raven

We Are Both Currently Reading Her Dom by A.D. Justice

Some Wicked Hot New Releases Went Live!
Empower Me Anthology 

Revive by Nina Levine

Tyler by Jo Raven 

Her Dom by Jo Raven

We Have Our Own Project Going On Behind The Scenes That We
Are Really Excited About, But We Will Share More On That Very Soon!!

Here's A Little Sneak Peak 

Stay Tuned.

-hugs and licks-
Ang & Elz

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