2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Friday, August 9, 2019

Bingoathon, Spring Edition

Spring Edition!

Hello, Hi & Welcome.

Get cosy, Welcome again to my little slice of the bookish community.

Interactive Bingo Is BACK !!!

( New name )

Here in Australia we are heading into our warmer months. So it will be our Spring Edition !

Bingoathon, Spring Edition runs from the 1st of September to the 30th of November.

I am going to run through how we are going to play.

First of all this time with the Spring Edition, there is 4 bingo cards, all the same prompts. Though all in different spots on the cards. If you DM or email us for your bingo card we will send you one. If you don't you can use the on that is posted below. (will post un blurred image soon)

Interactive bingo is the ONLY way we are playing in our Spring Edition. Once or Twice a week I'll call a new prompt, or until someone calls BINGO. That is by WINNING 5 in a row that WE have announced on INSTAGRAM.

No doubling up, this is because you have three months to play bingoathon, spring edition. 

What do you win, the bragging rights! <3

Soooo what you need to do.

Step 1.
 Email us for a card or Save the bingoathon card available to everyone.

 Step 2.
Print or save your bingoathon, Spring Edition.

Step 3.
Once you have picked which card you are playing with, then all you need to do is select the books you are going to read, you can pick as you go or select books before hand and create a TBR for yourself, each to their own.

Step 4.
Listen to us call a prompt (s) from the 1st of September on Instagram.
You don't have to keep waiting for me to announce the next prompt to keep reading, If you by chance in the first week read the prompt that was called out and then another one you want to read, and say if I pull out that prompt and you have read it you can cross that box out. You can go about reading your level, having in mind that with the prompts that get called out are the ones you should make a priority, but you can go at your own pace. Enjoy and have FUN & Read all the Books.

Don't forget to use the hashtag

They are important, so we can see you participating and we will share your pics.

If you have any questions, reach out to me on my socials and i'll be happy to help every one.