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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review: In The Dark

In The Dark In The Dark by Lila Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In The Dark
by Lila Rose

In the Dark, by Lila Rose is her first book in the PNR, Fantasy genre. I like many others have been reading this genre for a decade or more.

Where to begin, Amazing unique cover!

In the beginning I was so excited to start, as the pages went by I was starting to see similarities I have read before over the years in PNR.

In the dark has a good story line, and strong characters tho I have to be honest they felt very close to home with some of my favorite series.

I know over the decade reading PNR that we all come across some similarities but this was like “Wow! I’ve read this before somewhere else” this same saying I kept saying over and over and over through the majority of the book.

It took me over more than 3 weeks to finish In the Dark, I was suffering from major DejaVu.

By the time I got into it, there was UN necessary drama/angst right in the middle, I wanted to throat punch Isaac (Grey) and slap Lelia. I really did like the characters, right up till then. They were good! Tho again did I like them because I found them to be like other characters I have previously read in books over the year?

At one stage I felt I was reading YA and then NA then in the last 30% I thought “Sh*t am I reading a Lora Leigh mating heat?” which by the way I LOVE the Breed Series… one of my favs!

I wish I could rate In the Dark higher than 3 but unfortunately I cannot.

Honestly I thought I was reading a little of twilight, bitten, Cat & Bones, and more. I did find myself laughing out loud and at times, I was really enjoying it in places.

I felt the last 20% was rushed and it ended quite quickly, maybe I am fussy I honestly don’t know.

If you know me well and follow the books I have read the majority have been PNR, I adore this genre. Hence the name PNR Book Lover Reviews.

3 Stars

A Good Story for a newbie in the genre, if you haven’t spent years reading everything in fantasy. (Well not everything) tho I have read a lot!

ARC Received for an honest review, please don’t let my review put you of by trying In the Dark.

Remember Book Lovers, I am the chick who loves what you don’t and Dislikes what you Love!

These are my own thoughts and Opinions on In the Dark.

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