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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Review: Archangel's Viper

Archangel's Viper Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Hey bookish friends, it’s that time again I am taking over the world, ha ha not really… or am I? one blog at a time… kidding, kidding I was graciously asked to review Archangel’s Viper over here at Saucy Reviews On Kinky Korner, I am Ang; if you didn’t know me I own PNR Book Lover Reviews, I love everything that is Nalini and I adore her stories.

With saying that, it saddens me to say this but, WHERE WAS ALL THE ROMANCE? *insert sad face* seriously the story is good I was surprised I liked it so much, I mean I knew I would but in the end, I was like loving it. I was freaking out when I started, I was having some major character development issues, I knew in my head that Venom and Holly wouldn’t have an insta- love relationship, no one ever does in these series, I was just struggling with the overall story in the begging but around 30-40% I was all in.

This Guild Hunter book is the 10th novel in the series!

For me the overall story captivated me, I needed to know the why's and the how’s. I was 100% in love with Venom. He was such an interesting character to get to know more, one of Raphael’s seven, and it was his time to shine.

“You make the idea of forever a journey into adventure rather than...”

Holly took a little while to grow on me, but she won me over with her sass. It’s hard to explain who she is without going more into the back story of the series, so NO this is defiantly not a standalone, to enjoy the story more I would say start at the beginning of the series. We meet Holly and Venom so long ago now and have seen snippets of them throughout the series, and now it is time for their story!

I think Nalini is hands down one of the BEST skilled story tellers I have ever read, with every story that captures you in a way you can’t not think, “wow, what goes through her mind writing these stories”

When I finished this story, I felt that we needed more, like once the end came I was dying to see more of their relationship progress. I’m sure we will see them more throughout the series, I really enjoyed the slow burn of their relationship, once I got my head into the game. This couple, though they have already had this amazing friendship over the years so it didn’t feel weird for them to expand on the feelings they have for one and other, I just wish we had more romance and sexy time!

“I’m broken inside”

I know I know I want a lot, I just would have liked more…

Venom is the youngest of the seven, and he is so mysterious, he has the most unique look and is very loyal to Raphael, I think having Holly as his partner in crime was perfect as they were so much alike with having the same abilities. I enjoyed watching Holly grow into her own, she’s had one hell of a ride being turned by a crazy Archangel, having to watch her friends be murdered and tortured and coming out on the other side strong enough to take back her life!

I loved the twist and turns this book provided, oh man! I was on the edge of my seat, up late in the mornings reading the next chapter just to see what was going to happen!

I was so happy to see my fav angels in this one, not a lot but enough to be happy, we have moments with Raphael and Ilium and can I just say I cannot wait for Ilium’s story, I really am hoping it’ll be a mm romance! *PLEASE Nalini, PLEASE*

This was an enjoyable read, it was. I loved the banter between all the characters, the story was fantastic. It just left me a little deflated. Just a lot of mixed feelings from this super fan of Nalini’s

What I did love, that we learned so much about Venoms past. Who he is, what he is and his unique abilities. I love that he treats Holy as his equal and vis versa. This was one story that has left me confused but it’s not bad thing it was just different to every other guild hunter romance, but man that ending what was growing inside her and wait I can’t continue with this sentence because that is a spoiler! Damn, you guys I was shook with what happened! Slightly grossed out, but I am in awe of the writing and the outcome!

“Drat. I was hoping if I ignored the crawling sensation up my arms, you’d poof back to the hole you slithered out of.”

10 points for the amazing tension between Venom and Holly, it was so good, along with their nick names and so many funny interactions. On that note, I am going for 5 stars, all I wanted was more romance time.

“From the tips of my hair to the tips of my toes, from yesterday to tomorrow and every tomorrow we will ever see…”

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Review: Keeping Her Close

Keeping Her Close Keeping Her Close by Dani Wyatt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Keeping Her Close by Dani Wyatt
I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I dove head first into this Smuttiness of a book.

This story is the first story I have read by the author, and if you are looking for a non-romance story but a slice of kinky smuttiness this one is for you. I mean there is some I love you but… just read it and you will understand!

Roxie and Black have both wanted each other, but couldn’t have each other. Keeping her close is short story, it wouldn’t take more than a couple of hours for a slower reader maybe an hour for a fast reader. It ends at 70% its short!

From then you get a second story, I didn't read that one though!

I didn’t enjoy this as much as I would any other smut book, I like romance with my sex! Like Alexa Riley smut Is 100% on point!

I think for what it is for me, I am giving the book 2.5-3 stars
An ARC was given for an honest opinion.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Review: Blind Date

Blind Date Blind Date by Bella Jewel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blind Date by Bella Jewel

“Blind Date is a sexy, pulse-pounding romantic suspense from USA Today bestselling author Bella Jewel!


Wow. Bookish Friends I’m slightly disturbed. This story is creepy, I liked it enough to finish it but I’m still slightly disappointed. The reason why, because the romance in this one was so lacking. Hartley went on a bunch of blind dates, after her late husband passed away. She wasn’t ready, but her best friend thinks she is and organizes all these BLINDS.DATES. She was forced to go ON! Who does that, what bff makes their closest friend go on some dates, from people they haven’t even meet? From the INTERNET! It seems creepy and nuts to me!

This story is a rollercoaster, I had massive expectations, because The Watcher is AMAZING!
Ace is the broody slightly broken cop/neighbour living next door, who Hartley finds trust and a safety net in. I really would have loved this more, if there were more romantic encounters with these two.

They both struggle with their past, and slowly heal together but still…

Ace is a good detective that helps her when a creepy stalking F*cks with her life, with pretending to be her late dead husband. She honestly thinks she is losing her mind and her the dude ends up dating doesn’t believe her and the same with her best friend. The only one who does believe her is

…. ACE!

Bella can normally nail this genre, she has previous books. They were both legit fantastic! This one, it was more suspense then suspense romance, I wanted more romance between the two main couples. It’s very slow to burn, slow everything. When they did finally do the deed, it was nearly over and then Sh*t hits the fans and we are fighting for our lives to see what happens.

I must say though, I guessed the crazy killer from the moment we found out, it is a good written story I just wanted more. I did love trying to figure out who the killer was, it was fun. I love suspense, but I love romance more and this was lacking in that area. Yes, they have good chemistry.

Arc was given to me by the publisher for an honest review

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Review: Can't Hardly Breathe

Can't Hardly Breathe Can't Hardly Breathe by Gena Showalter
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Can't Hardly Breathe
by Gena Showalter

I am not sure how I can express my feelings on this one, I love GENA! I love all her PNR books, I started this series a little while ago, I read the first one in the series and really liked it, I think if I remember giving it 5 stars, I must admit I haven’t picked up any of the others in the series, wait. Maybe, the second one, but anyways this is the 4th one, and I liked it well enough to finish it but I didn’t love it.

Dorothea, is coming of a shitty marriage, she is happy running the family bed and breakfast. Dealing with the Sh*t that’s landed on her lap. She does try her best, was bullied at school and most her life.

Daniel, is suffering from PTSD, he is stubborn and uses sex to escape. Fate steps in and he ends up using Dorothea B&B for dirty hook ups.

It’s not the first time they have meet, as they went to school together, and she had a major crush on him when they were in high school.

I just couldn’t connect with the characters, and the story I think that was my problem, because the writing is amazing, and it has so much raw depth If I wasn’t such a cold-hearted B*tch I would have leaked a tear or two. I have been struggling to find books that I connect with, I like stories where I just fall into their lives with them, and at no point when I was reading this I was connecting with any of it, I mean yes, the bullying that she had gone through, I have experienced. I would grab some tissues and chocolate while settling in with these guys.

Daniel and Dorothea have good connection, sparks fly. Watch these two piece themselves back together and each other, fall in love and live happily ever after.

Can't Hardly Breathe by Gena Showalter will be available August 29, 2017 by HQN Books/Harper Collins.

Thanks to the publisher for generously providing me an ARC to review

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Review: Runner by Parker Williams

Runner Runner by Parker Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Runner (ebook edition)
by Parker Williams

“It takes courage to ask for help.”

Bookish Lovers, I have a fantastic recommendation for you!
It’s called Runner. It is an LGBT novel, a mm romance. And I am in LOVE with this story, from the beginning to the end it was everything!

Something terrible happened to Matt when he was barely 16, now almost more than a decade later he lives in isolation, this is Matts story how he overcomes his intense anxiety, manages his OCD, PTSD, and fights for what was taken from him all those years ago. HIS. LIFE!

13 years. It has been that long since Matt has interacted with people, he hasn’t had anything but acres of land and his treasures that keep him calm. That is until the charming Charlie runs into his life. You see Matt doesn’t trust anyone, he also pushed his mother and his brother away, the only kind of communication with the outside world he has, is a few random calls to his brother, and to place an order for food from the town so many miles away to deliver. Though he tends to just live off his own land, fish from his pond and the fruit and vegetable he grows and cans himself. He has made himself a safe life, he likes structure and his own routines and chores, he has a schedule that he must stick too. If he feels like he is being threatened he has massive panic attacks, to calm him down or to center himself again he must touch his treasures that are placed around his home before he calms.

“Life is hurt, Matt. “

But over the last 6 months a mystery man keeps using his road to jog upon, and for that entire time it makes him unsettled, he rings his brother over the duration of the 6 months to make the man stop, Matt’s brother Clay is the town sheriff. Clay misses his brother so damn much, the brotherhood these two have is just beautiful. anyways, the jogger is Charlie and Clay tells Matt that the man isn’t doing anything wrong, he just running and he is not doing anything illegal, and that until the jogger does something criminally wrong then he would step in, but other than that to get used to it… over time Matt puts the jogger into his routine and at 10 am every morning he watches this man run past, then one day the man waves at him… and Matt freaks out and rings his brother again, Clay makes or he really just threatens Matt that if he doesn’t try and *fix* himself that he will have no other choice but to ring the judge and get control of Matt and put him into a programme that can help him, Matt isn’t into that one little bit, he is fine. He has his treasures, his home 20 acres of land, his pond that he fishes at, and most of all he is safe! But his brother makes this ridiculous challenge for him to go and say hello to the jogger and find out his name, he gives him 7 days to do this, or else he will step in, and if he does get his name just maybe Clay will talk to the jogger… (maybe) on the 7th day Matt just does that, he digs deep and his brave, freaking the f* out but he needs this dudes name…and what happens next is something you all must read about.

What Matt wasn’t expecting was Charlie, he is charming and kind and beautiful and makes him want things he has never dreamed of before, if he wants more than the life he has created for himself he must let Charlie in, he must learn to trust again. But what if that trust gets broken?

“What is normal? Who decides?”

I really loved this story, a few things happened that shook me, and one thing that happened my heart ended in my tummy, the emotions this story makes you go through is powerful and beautiful I had been in the worst mm funk of late, nothing was catching my attention. Until I picked up this I NEVER found myself getting bored, I was so captivated with the characters, and this story; even though this is only in one POV Matts, that was okay. I loved going on his journey to find hope and trust again. It never felt dragged out, I know that this is fiction and for what this story is about I really thought the author has done an amazing. There isn’t a lot of sex in this one, so if you’re looking for a quick sexy read this isn’t the one for you, there is a lot of finding yourself, growing and falling in love for the first/second time. There is a lot of heart, a lot of freaking out, a lot of growth and a lot of swooning. I loved Charlie and I loved Matt, their story was everything!
I loved Clay, but then I didn’t and then I did again. Like I said all the characters play a major part in Matts life, and it is truly wonderful to read about.  Their relationship as brother was so lovely.
Runner is such a charming story.

“Sex is great, but it’s not the be-all of life. Things like this—sitting on the porch, watching the moon, holding you—those are the important things I want to have every day.”

Parker Williams has been around for a while, I have seen his stories but not until I received an arc of this story have I read him before, I think in the future I will check out his other work. I honestly think you will enjoy this story, with an open mind. There are definitely triggers for some that might feel uncomfortable, but it is done in a way that wasn’t graphic or disgusting.
This is Matts story, go along with him and find out how he took back his life, fell in love and found that he could trust the right people. So many beautiful moments in this story, the perfect balance of all the things I love in a story. I also love the cover of this book, so random I know!  but as you all know me I do love a good cover and that the cover and the story of the book match is just perfect!

“I want to give you my heart, Matt, because, of everyone I know in the world, I think it’s the safest with you.”

Arc was generously given to me to read for an honest review by the publishers.


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review: Stay Close by Alexa Riley

Stay Close Stay Close by Alexa Riley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Arc provided by the publisher

I loved this short, sweet sexy story, it's Alexa Riley, what's not to love!

I love the interactions between the twins, and the family. I love IVAN, he is EVERYTHING.

the story is perfect before bed read, its a quick one hand read with a plot.

Hello INSTALOVE! its my jam, I love stories that are like thing. so simple no drama just cheesy love story. I can not wait for the next one in the series.


Review: Wild Ride Cowboy by Maisey Yates

Wild Ride Cowboy Wild Ride Cowboy by Maisey Yates
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wild Ride Cowboy (Copper Ridge #9)
by Maisey Yates

Arc was generously gifted by the publishers for an honest review.

Wild Ride Cowboy by Maisey Yates is the 9th Copper Ridge story, to be honest I seen it and read the blurb and a few reviews and I thought I was going to LOVE it!

I did enjoy it, but unfortunately there was just too much drama, like the push and pull and the sending away because he thought that she couldn’t handle him, just not my thing any more. I love slow to burn romances, but I like it when they are all in with the drama surrounding the couple not the shit that happens between them.

This book introduces us to Alex Donnelly, he is one of 4 brothers. The first brothers story was the last one Finn and his best friend Lane. I didn’t read that one, I haven’t read one in a while.
I loved Clara, even though she was young she knew what she wanted, she had her own mind up and she wanted Alex, I enjoyed their budding friendship and when they do get to together it is lovely.
Took us a little bit to finally get there, I was super happy to see the story have an epilogue and the teaser for the next story.

I love small town romances, they are fun to read about. I liked Maisey writing and the story flowed well, maybe a little slow in some places but it was enjoyable. I think it’s okay to go into as a standalone, I hadn’t read any of the stories since book 1 and book 3 and 4.
The cover is amazing, I adore the cover! I love the cover if I see it at the shops, I’ll be getting it.
I think fans of this series will love it, a perfect weekend or in between series read.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Trust by Kylie Scott

Trust Trust by Kylie Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is everything and more!
Hell, I don't have the words at the moment.
First five star read in a month!


by Kylie Scott

This book is EVERYTHING!
I don’t even think I have the correct words to do this book the justice it needs, it is legit my fav Kylie Scott book. Edie and John are just perfect characters, the writing is on point and this plot…Oh.My.Word!

From the minute, I opened the book and read the first chapter I was hooked, the robbery was intense I was a bundle of nerves watching to see what happens, it felt so real and raw.

Edie, (it sounds like Eedee) is a curvy normal (ish) 17-year-old, she was a good girl and now after what happened, doesn’t give a shit about the things we stress about, she finds her backbone and tackles life now without any BS. She takes risks, and finds the new her. Whilst John is the opposite, or was. He was the drug dealer, who was once the bad boy, the dude that everyone scored from, but now with what happened at the robbery the night he risked his life to save Edie from the crazy meth head Chris has had a epiphany, John doesn’t deal anymore, he wants to learn, to study and doesn’t want to get tangle up in Edie BS that she gets herself into, you see they are now at the same school, in there last year at high school.

The emotions and connection that these two characters have is amazing, it is so beautiful and touching that I just could not put it down.
I found myself tearing up, felt fear, laughing and then I was air punching and screaming YES and OMG no way at all different hours into the night while I was reading TRUST.

What I loved about this was that they became friends, and then were each other’s life line. When the people around them didn’t understand them, but they knew exactly what each other felt. The chemistry these two had was so good. I loved all there moments together as mates and as more, I loved how protective they were of each other. When they finally got together, oh man. I was hooked, I wanted more of their sexy times, it was just EVERYTHING.

“He’s the only one I know for sure would risk himself to keep me safe. Doesn’t that matter to you?”

I adored the secondary characters, Anders and Hung. They were brilliant best friends, I loved all the interactions the group of mates had. I just loved everything about this story.

I found Trust to be an emotionally raw, realistic story, it is hands down a favourite book of mine now, I found that Kylie pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me feel them feely feels when reading TRUST.

So, TRUST me when I say you must read this book!

I could go on and on about this book, but I think it is a book you just must read. I am now ready to buy the finished copy in paperback so I can look, touch and stroke it whenever I want.

“Kissing John was everything. Well, not everything everything. I wouldn’t die without him. But all of me wanted him, my heart and my head and all of the rest. Without a doubt, he made life better.”

Arc was provided for an honest review, and y'all this was as honest as I can get <3


Monday, July 3, 2017

You Never Know by Mary Calmes

You Never Know You Never Know by Mary Calmes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

You never Know by Mary Calmes
Arc Review
Publisher Dreamspinner
Read by Ang


Oh My, Bookish Friends!

While I had read this one a little while ago, I still to this day am like scratching my head!

Mary Calmes is like one of my most favourite authors, and there is just something about romances that I just adore, but in this case I couldn’t get into the characters. I’m not sure if it was my bookish funkish heart last month went through a weird book funk, but I didn’t find myself enjoying this one as much as I wanted.

I didn’t like that our main man was with someone the entire time we read this story, there wasn’t any cheating per say, but just the main dude Hagen was with Ash (I did not like Ash) I loved Mitch! He was his true love, he was what I wanted to read about, he was who I wanted Hagen to throw caution in the wind for.

By the time I got in the story it was over, I loved what interaction there was with him and Mitch and his kids, I loved all that. But I did not enjoy all the Ash moments, and to be honest I felt there was just too many!

I found that the normal Mary thing you loved was still here in the story, I think everyone will either love it or be a little crushed!

Mary’s writing is on point, just the story itself I didn’t LOVE I just liked!

An arc of You Never Know was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Overall, I rate the book 3 out of 5 stars!