2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jo Davis Hidden Fire!!

WOW!! Another Fantastic Read!!  I LOVE LOVE THIS SERIES!!!
I Loved it, i would have given it 5 stars, but Grace annoyed me!!
I loved the story line, i cried and i laughed and I got Goosebumps when i was reading the mystery stuff!!
I swear i screamed at one part!! Make that twice I Jumped out of my chair!!
I love how we got to see more of the other guys!!
I cant wait to read Tommy's story,that should be good!!

Jo, You write an awesome Love scene!! I Loved the part with the car... hot Damn!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'll Be Your Drill, Solider~~Crystal Rose~

Fuck me!! Honestly This book was Fucken UNREAL!!!☆☆☆☆☆
I did not not think I could Laugh and cry at the same time!!!!
And then when I wasn't crying I was LMFAO!! It is Seriously one of the best books i have read!!
Oh The Nick names the boys got were so FUNNY!!! DSL (dick sucking lips)
All the Characters were Fucken AWESOME!!! And Ryan and Phillip *sigh* So SO GOOD!! Just thinking about them bring tears to my eyes!!! Then there was Brandon, Patrick,Ken,Mark Oh DAMN and then Sandy and Troy and Alexander!!! I LOVED every single one of them!! Thanks to Fucken Heather and Sparks to get me to read this one!! Honest to GOD put down, or FINISH up what your reading and Fucken read this book NOW!!

So on to my fave quotes i just have to write a couple!!!


This is is the moment i fucken lost the giggles and turn in to a laughing Hyina!!!
“THIS IS MY WEAPON!” he shouted, holding the M16 up high. “This is my gun!” He took his dick in his hand and shook it in front of them.“ “This is for killing.” The M16 surged up, again. “And this is for fun!” He shook his cock again"

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

And this is JUST a teaser!!!!

“ I think about you all the time. You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing I think of when I sleep. Your name is a constant on my tongue. I wonder how you are; what you’re doing; and even if you ate enough that day. You'd like that I know you that well because every time we fuck I know exactly where, when and how hard to push you. I know you, babe. I know what makes you tick. You love it when I masturbate. Especially when I let you watch. You love when I run my hand down your chest. Your nipples are so sensitive that a simple breath can make them hard as stones. You love fucking my mouth. You seriously love when I deepthroat you and then make those little noises... ”

If you have read the book, you will under stand all the F bombs!!!! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dance with the devil

YES YES YES I re read this again, and some how i love it even more!!!

So many things i loved about it and when it finished i wanted more!!

I cried and laughed so much!! And remembered how much I loved this series!!

Astrid and Zarek are Perfect in every each way!!! i would totally Re read this bad boy again and again!!!

I love Sasha, i hope he gets a story!!!!

"Do I have to look at this?" Sasha whined in her head. "I'm going to go blind looking at a naked man." "You're not going to go blind and he's not naked." Unfortunately.
"Yes I am, and yes he is. Naked enough to make me lose my lunch anyway."

Sasha is so Great in this book, every time he and Astrid would banter at each other would have me in stitches every time!!!

I don't want his body touching something I wear. He'll contaminate it." "Oh, good grief, Sasha. Grow up. You're four hundred years old and you're acting like a whelp. It's not like he has cooties or anything." "Yes he does!"

And then when Z and Astrid start falling in love, Oh damn it was Awesome!!!
For the ones who havent read the DH series, You have to give it a try!! You will hopefully LOVE it!!

SPOILERS!!!! And this has to be one of my fave lines from the book!!

"I have found my star. She is beauty and grace. Elegance and goodness. My laughter in winter. She is courageous and strong. Bold and tempting. Unlike any other in all the universe, and I cannot touch her. I dare not even try." Astrid couldn't breathe as he spoke so poetically. She'd never really thought about the fact that her name meant "star" in Greek.

"Have you ever made love on the beach?" His breath caught at her words. "I've only made love to you, princess."

OH and Simi, I forgot how much i love her!!! and in htis one i JUst Loved her even more!! when she gets hurt and shes yelling for Ash,!! *sigh* had me in tears!!!

But then she can be so funny!!! her and her hatred for the "Old heifer cow." LMAO!!!

One more!! i just have to!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this BOOK!!!!

"Because I love you, and even if I'm lying on the sun itself I'll be freezing there without you. I need my star so that I can hear laughter."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Elle Parker~~Like Pizza and Beer~~

Dino and Seth are my new Fave couple!!!

I loved this book, just as much even more then the first one i read yesterday!!

Elle Parker you have an awesome series here, i hope you continue with Dino and Seth i just Love them so much!!

I laughed my ass off so much, and the mystery was Awesome, Loved the Ending it was so funny!!

The romance and the Guys bonding with each other was perfect!! I couldnt have asked for more, every thing was so good!!!

“Listen, I need to ask you a favor.” Seth licked a gob of mayonnaise off his wrist. “Oh? What kind of favor?” “A professional one. I intend to pay you in blow jobs.” “Are you serious? You mean like hire me for a case?” “Yeah.” I could tell by his demeanor we weren’t talking about strong-arming someone who’d welshed on a bet, or doing collections. I did those kinds of things for him all the time. 

Oh My this was such an awesome book!!

“You’re the detective, you have to figure it out.” “Seth, what the hell are you talking about?” I walked out into the parking lot and looked around to see if I could spot him hiding or watching me from an upstairs window. “If you want me, you have to find me. It’s like a scavenger hunt, and I’m your prize.” He sounded exceedingly pleased with himself. “You’re not serious.” “Oh, yes I am. I’ll even give you a hint. I’m not at Mama Gets anymore.” He hung up on me before I could fish for more information.

I could add so many more fave lines, and quotes and from this one!!
If you want a easy read you cant put down something funny and some thing real!!! then this is the book or series for you!!!

Im leaving you all with a little tease!!
Dino and Seth!!!

"Are you tellin me you can't jump that? Its barely more then seven feet."I planted my hands on my hips and stared up at him.

"I don't want to jump.I want to get my jollies sliding down your body.Now get your ass over here."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Elle Parker~~ Coffee and Doughnuts~~

** spoiler alert ** I Loved this book, It was Funny and Romantic and some Mystery going on.
It is about best friends falling in love..   ☆☆☆☆☆
Seth and Dino are Fantastic!!

Seth is a crack up!!!

“Oh shit, I was just flirting with the waitress a little. It was harmless. I told her those jeans must be from outer space because her ass is out of this world."

And Dino is
well this is what Dino is...

I am, at heart, a very traditional guy. A very romantic one too, if I do say so myself. I knew seeing Seth wasn’t going to be the same as dating women, and I was going to have to learn a few new tricks. But you don’t just toss away forty-one years of teaching and experience, and frankly, some of my old tricks were damn good ones.

I just Loved it!! Such an awesome read took me a day to read, really easy read!!
Thank You Heather C for getting me into this one!!!

Another fave line is.......

“ “Man, I cannot wait to teach you to suck cock. You’re gonna rule.”

Got To Love Seth!!!

And then this little teaser is form Dino!!!

(view spoiler)[I smiled at the thought, but said, “I hate to break this to you, but I’m probably too drunk to fuck.” “You think so?” he asked, dragging my pants off me. “Well, when you get to my age, things stop working after a certain poi—” “’Cause you’ve got a hard-on.” “I do?” I looked down, and sure enough, there it was. I was amazed. “Cool.”