2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Southwestern Shifters~Bailey Bradford!

Over the last few Weeks i have been reading Southwestern Shifters series I am Loving it!
 Rescued Is the first in the series, is about Gabriel Staley and Mika Blackwell!!

 Relentless is the 2nd in the series and is about
Zane Mitchell and Aidan Criswell!!
Reckless Iis the 3rd in the series and is about Marcus Criswell and Nathan Grant, This is what i am starting today!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fairy name!!

Get your own fairy names from The Fairy Name Generator!My fairy name is Gossamer Moonwitch
She is a messenger of the moon goddess.
She lives in spiderwebbed wonderlands and insect grottoes.
She can only be seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking.
She wears dresses made of cobwebs and gossamer and has bright blue butterfly wings.
Get your own fairy names from The Fairy Name Generator!

Witch Fire~ Anya Bast

My first Anya Bast book and wont' be my last. 5 Stars!!! ☆☆☆☆☆
I love Finding and reading New Books!! And this one was AMAZING Every thing I Loved!!

Mira has just gotten out of a crap marriage and and icky divorce... Then Along come Mr Jack McAllister
looking like Sin(Mira's Words) and Mira's World get turned up side down every thing she believed comes crashing down around her.Mira finds out she is a Witch and her element is Air!! And the bad guys are after her cos she is one of the Most powerful Air Witches :D and Of course Jack has been ordered to watch and protect Mira, He Is a very powerful Fire Element Witch!! and Air and Fire together is SMOKING!!!
Jack Is to protect her and along the way he finds him self very very attracted to Mira!!

I Loved every thing about this, Humor,Action, Romance the Sex was AMAZING!!!! the Plot was awesome and to read about Mira transform into an AMAZING Strong Air Witch was Awesome!!Just reading about these two characters was amazing on its on, in my opinion :)Along the Way these too find them selves fall hard!

If you haven't yet to read this book, You should Go and try it out!!!

This has to be one of many fav lines from Witch Fire

"She felt the need to commit him to memory so he could star in her fantasies later. During the last few months, her vibrator had gathered dust in the bottom drawer of her night table. Now she had a reason to pull it out again."

With Line's like this i could not put it down!!!
I'm so Sorry.I need you.I need you like I need to breath

And this is just a little tease!!!He kissed her sweetly at first, then his tongue feathered across her lips, urging them to part. They did, and he slipped within her mouth to rub his tongue against hers. She heard the jewelry box drop to the floor as Jack pulled her into his arms and off the couch. He laid her on the floor beneath him, his mouth still working on hers. The way he kissed her, the heat of his body, and his sheer masculine presence overwhelmed her and stole her breath. She slid her hands over his shoulders, down his back, and pushed them beneath the hem of his sweater, seeking warm flesh. Her body responded so easily to his kiss. Her nipples grew hard and her sex reacted, growing warm and aroused. "Jack," ..

Go and Read this PLEASE!!!