2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Friday, May 31, 2019

The Queen and the Cure by Amy Harmon

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There will be a battle, and you will need to protect your heart.

Kjell of Jeru had always known who he was. He'd never envied his brother or wanted to be king. He was the bastard son of the late King Zoltev and a servant girl, and the ignominy of his birth had never bothered him. 

But there is more to a man than his parentage. More to a man than his blade, his size, or his skills, and all that Kjell once knew has shifted and changed. He is no longer simply Kjell of Jeru, a warrior defending the crown. Now he is a healer, one of the Gifted, and a man completely at odds with his power. 

Called upon to rid the country of the last vestiges of the Volgar, Kjell stumbles upon a woman who has troubling glimpses of the future and no memory of the past. Armed with his unwanted gift and haunted by regret, Kjell becomes a reluctant savior, beset by old enemies and new expectations. With the woman by his side, Kjell embarks upon a journey where the greatest test may be finding the man she believes him to be.

Please be wear of spoilers.

"I saw you," He said against her lips. "And I never looked away."

Oh my. Oh my.
This story literally ruined me, my emotions went through all the feels, and by the end of the story I, Angela was a mess.
I don't even know what to say, this story was so beautiful, the lyrical words pulled you in and made you feel what these characters feel. I was on the edge of my chair most of the time, before I knew it I was sad, angry, happy, swooning, mad, happy, I was up and down, on a emotional roller coaster. I did not expect what happened, to happen. Please be wear of spoilers.

"Come to me, and I will give you shelter, I will give you shelter, if you but come back."

When Sasha got her memories back, and to discover she is queen and married I almost stopped reading, no jk I was so devastated.  But I carried on, and listened with my heart in my throat and tears in my eyes and continued on. It was such a beautiful, magical adventure to go on with them, when they eventually ended back in her own city where she had to save her King and the people. The pace of the story was wonderful, a little slow but it was welcomed.

"Can you hear me, woman? Come sing with me."

 Not going to lie it took me about 3 days to finish this tale. I adore our Captain, Kjell. He was everything I love in a main male lead. He was so dreamy and broken and in need of a good women to heal him. Sasha, she was so beautiful and lost, confused and I really liked her. She and Kjell were perfect for each other and they loved each other from the moment they stumbled upon each other. I am not sure what else to say with this one, the writing was stunning if that can be a thing. I loved the side characters and I loved everything.

"Come to me, and I will try to love you. I will try to love you, if you but come back."

I highly recommend this story and the one before it, both are beautiful and both will make you feel, feelings.

"Come to me, and I will try to heal you. I will try to heal you, if you but come back."


May Wrap up.

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In May I read 15 books. It was another good reading month, I did struggle here and there, but I refused to fall into a reading slump.

If you want to watch my reading wrap up I have included it above if you click the photo above.

4.85 stars (paperback)

5 stars (audio)

5 stars (kindle-arc)

2.5 stars (paperback)

5 stars (paperback) (audio)

4.85 stars (paperback) (audio)

3 stars

4.5 stars (paperback) (audio)

5 stars (paperback) (audio)

5 stars (paperback)

5 stars (audio)

4 stars (kindle-arc)

5 stars (kindle-arc)

4.85 stars (paperback)

5 stars (audio)


Stats for May.

Overall I read a total of 4,967 pages.

3 kindle read, they were arcs.
4 paperbacks.
8 of them were 5 stars
4 of them were 4 stars
Overall I listened to 8 audios
The longest book was 656 pages
Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson
The shortest book was 143 pages
Breaking Ground by Megan Lowe

Most of the books I have mentioned about above has a review up on my blog, or will have one up in the future. If I had to pick out 3 stand out for the month they would have to be.

Nora Roberts, her Guardians trilogy was fantastic.

Forever Wolf by Maria Vale, this was epic, even though I didn't give it a full 5 stars, it was everything, it just was that ending that brought me to my knees.

The Queen & the Cure by Amy Harmon
this book was so beautiful, and lyrical, also brought me all the emotional feelings.

Thanks for reading friends, I hope you had a wonderful reading month. Let me know if you have read any of the above, and what you have read this month.

Friday, May 24, 2019

The Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts

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 From Book 1:
Sasha Riggs is a reclusive artist, haunted by vivid dreams that she turns into extraordinary paintings. Desperate to understand her visions, she finds herself drawn to the Greek island of Corfu.
She has only just arrived when she encounters Bran Killian, an Irish magician with a warm charisma and secrets dancing in his eyes. Sasha has never met Bran before, but she knows him only too well - because this is the man from her dreams. The man she seems fated to be with...if she can find the courage to accept who she really is.
Sasha soon discovers that four other strangers have been lured to the island. Like Bran, they are all searching for a mysterious jewel known as the fire star - before it falls into the wrong hands. Together, they might just succeed. But first they must learn to trust one another, and reveal their deepest secrets.
On the sun-drenched island of Corfu, love and magic are sparked into life. And for Sasha, nothing will ever be the same again.

Thoughts on the TRILOGY.

This series is EPIC, like I can not explain how much I loved each book separate, but together the trilogy is seriously epic. Hands down could be my new favourite series by Nora Roberts.

The overall arc, is delicious and the 6 characters are delightful who you come to love and you just want to be apart of the newly made family. These people did not know each but drawn to each other, and made a family. seriously it was fantastic. The writing is superb and I was sad when my time came to an end.

I will 100% be re reading this series in the future.

The way all the twist and turns, the big adventure they go on, is one that all linked together with the backstory of generations before them. They all have gifts, and those gifts are used with in the series to help discover the stars.

I love how the characters were mature, they all learned to trust, found there courage and love. I love Nora Roberts love of Irish lore, and the mystical aspects in the series were truly a gift to read about.

It is something that I too love to read about, and this overall was truly again an epic adventure.

I will forever be recommending this series, it was well told and you can't not fall in love with Annika, her joy and sweetness jumps through the pages, Riley's forever growing strength and Sarah growth into her self was seriously a pleasure to read, and the MEN woo wee 100% new book boyfriends. They were each different types of Alpha heroes and damn they were everything.

Nora Roberts is a extraordinary story teller, and I want to be her when I grow up!

5/5 magical stars.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

WARBREAKER by Brandon Sanderson

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WARBREAKER by Brandon Sanderson


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, Warbreaker is the story of two sisters, who happen to be princesses, the God King one of them has to marry, the lesser god who doesn't like his job, and the immortal who's still trying to undo the mistakes he made hundreds of years ago.
Their world is one in which those who die in glory return as gods to live confined to a pantheon in Hallandren's capital city and where a power known as BioChromatic magic is based on an essence known as breath that can only be collected one unit at a time from individual people.
By using breath and drawing upon the color in everyday objects, all manner of miracles and mischief can be accomplished. It will take considerable quantities of each to resolve all the challenges facing Vivenna and Siri, princesses of Idris; Susebron the God King; Lightsong, reluctant god of bravery, and mysterious Vasher, the Warbreaker.

My Thoughts.
This was a really good story, it had so much happening. I was continually impressed with the story telling and how involved and invested I was. I loved the plot, and the characters, both sisters were great. Twists and turn and the romance, adventures that everyone goes through was addictive. Overall I really enjoyed my experience with Warbreaker, and I will be looking at reading more by Brandon Sanderson.

I highly recommended the audio book, there was a lot to follow, but it was easy to understand what was happening. I loved the magic system and I really am looking forward to the next one.

Two princess, One has to marry the king, and the other wants to save her sister.

"My life to yours. My breath become yours."

If you haven't read a novel by this author I recommended this one whole hardheartedly. A god who doesn't believe in him self, two princess, a mute king and a bunch a evil priests... 
4.5/5 Stars.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Winter-a-thon Bingo Challenge 2019

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Winter-a-thon Bingo Challenge.
Here in Australia we are heading into our cooler months, and i wanted a challenge that was something for us to relate to.

Winter-a-thon runs from the 1st of June to the 26th of July.

I am going to run through how we are going to play.

 Step 1.
Print both bookish bingo templates out I have created.

Step 2.
Pick a level, that you think you could achieve.

Beginner - One straight line that's up to you which way you want to go, you can read either 4 or 5 books

Intermediate - Read the whole outside rectangle, which is 14 boxes.

Pro - Read all the boxes, all 20 boxes.

Step 3.

Once you have picked which level you are wanting to challenge yourself with, then all you need to do is select the books you are going to read, you can pick as you go or select books before hand and create a TBR for yourself, each to their own.

Step 4.

Listen to me call a prompt from the 1st of June.
Now this is where it gets a little confusing, but because I am just making this all up for the first time we are going to do it like this now,  because I wanted it to be fair I created the 4x4 bingo card the interactive one, where all I have done is remove a line are rearranged two of the prompts. I only did this because I thought it would be fair to everyone, whether you are reading 4 -20 books. What Is going to happen now, to make it easy. I have placed all prompts into a cup, and will randomly pull one out every week.


 So On the 1st of June I will pull out our first prompt, and then we can play bingo. You don't have to keep waiting for me to announce the next prompt to keep reading, If you by chance in the first week read the prompt that was called out and then another one you want to read, and say if I pull out that prompt and you have read it you can cross that box out. You can go about reading your level, having in mind that with the prompts that get called out are the ones you should make a priority, but you can go at your own pace. I will be announcing a new prompt every Sunday night.

Those dates will be the 1st June, 12th June, 24th June, 12th July. 

That's every 12 days, and then you have the remaining 14 to charge ahead, do what ever you need to do. Its the first person to read the 4 prompts.

Once you have BINGO, Take a photo of your reads and card and DM me and you will be the winner.

I will be hosting reading sprints, and 2 small Instagram photo challenges. Follow our pages to keep up to date with every thing.

Don't forget to use the hashtags

They are important, so we can see you participating and we will share your pics.

If you have any questions, reach out to me on my socials and i'll be happy to help every one.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh REVIEW

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WOLF RAIN by Nalini Singh


The fate of millions of lives hangs in the balance in this new Psy-Changeling Trinity novel from New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh...

Kidnapped as a young girl, her psychic powers harnessed by a madman, Memory lives a caged and isolated existence...until she comes face-to-face with a wolf. Labelled an empath by her bad-tempered rescuer, Memory knows that her 'gift' is nothing so bright. It is a terrible darkness that means she will always be hunted.

But Memory is free now and she intends to live. A certain growly wolf can just deal with it.

Alexei prefers to keep his packmates at bay, the bleak history of his family a constant reminder that mating, love, hope is not for him. But Memory, this defiant and fearless woman who stands toe-to-toe with him awakens the most primal part of his nature--and soon, he must make a choice: risk everything or lose Memory to a murderous darkness that wants to annihilate her from existence...

My Thoughts.

Wolf Rain, was everything I needed and everything I have been missing. I was so happy we were back with the original cast of the Psy- Changeling series.
We were back in our favourite SnowDancer den.

Now t his book is apparently book 3 in the Trinity series, but its really in my eyes book 18 in one of the most EPIC series ever created.

I have nothing but love for this series as you all know, and this story was just perfect. Alexei & Memory were to lovable characters, you couldn't have asked for a better couple. I have enjoyed this new season of this series, but I have also felt something has been missing too, I think we just found out what that was. The original characters that we have spent a better decade loving and learning about, to be back were the overall arc begun was so good. I could be on my own here though, I loved the pace of this story, the romance that bloomed and how both of them grew and accepted the challenges they both faced.

Putting it simple, I adored this series. You get some answers about whats been happening with the psy net, the E's and some new secret's the old council covered up. Overall it was fantastic.


Seriously Nalini Singh never fails to surprise me, she is talented with her creative (ness) her world building, just when I personally was thinking where can we go now, she finds another adventure for us to explore.

I am bias, my favourite everything of this world is Hawk, he has and will always remain as my number 1.

I cannot wait for the next one, and I personally think if you were to pick this up with out reading all the others first you are just fooling yourself to really understand how freaking epic this world truly is, do your self a favour and go read from the beginning, learn like a old timer reading this series, how wonderful each character is, how the grow and develop of the years, how everything is connected, how incredible every thing has been to lead us back here where it almost all began.

We see Lucas, and Sasha, we get so many amazing and faves from all over the series, we see and here about the pub cubs and who is pregnant.

5/5 stars

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Scallywagathon TBR & SAPPHIRE & Planet Zero by Christina Blake Review

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From the 5th-12th of May I am doing the Readathon called the #scallywagathon it is sort of a self adventure type, where you have a map and set a course of where you want to go and what you want to read. You literally only have to read 4 books to complete the challenge.

Above is said map, and here is a little clip of what I plan to read.

Firstly My first destination is Extraterrestrial. Where you are to read a Genre you don't normal read.


Sixteen-year-old Sapphire Serel wants more out of her life. She lacks a close relationship with her parents, who fail to notice her. Day after day she feels herself drifting away from her once-close friends. However, it isn't until people around the world start dying for unknown reasons that her life becomes exceptionally complicated. Sapphire’s life gets even stranger when her new cat, Toby, talks to her. He turns her world upside down, telling her that she is a creature from another planet! After hearing that she has a duty in a prophecy to save humanity from extinction, Sapphire believes she is going mad but is taken aback when her Grandma confirms the facts. After struggling with who she really is, Sapphire comes to terms with her destiny. With the help of her humorous talking cat and charming ex-boyfriend, Sapphire embarks on her journey to Planet Zero.

Thoughts on the book.

You never know what you will get when you open a book and start reading, at the back of my mind I knew this might have been a little to YA for my liking, Yes i enjoy Ya  when its more on the mature side of the spectrum.

Unfortunately in this case this was not for me, I felt it was too young. It was about a newly turned 16 year old, who is the chosen one. With a love triangle to boot.

Sapphire and her talking cat, Toby. Go on an adventure to another world, to save earth and also Planet Zero. With friendships, cute romance and family bonds.

It was interesting, I did like the world created and the author did a great job of making your experience enjoyable. 

Though for me, I am getting to old to be reading about younger characters, who I can not relate to any more. I am almost 36 and I think at the end of the day, My children who are 12,14, and 15 would love this story. Even my 7 year old would enjoy the story if I were to read it out to her.

I was flattered that the author reached out to me to read and review, I took a chance and read the story. I can defiantly recommend this story to a younger audience. I know the copy I have will be loved by my own little readers.


Forever Wolf by Maria Vale

Hello, hello *waves*

Let's chat 

Forever Wolf by Maria Vale

(The Legend of All Wolves Book 3)

This book... This book will DESTROY you!

Like the other books in this series, this was amazing. Now that my feelings have some simmered, I can sort of put some words together for a review.

Forever wolf, made me feel, made me cry, swoon and laugh.
It pulled every emotion from me, and I was ruined when the last word was read.

I again, can not highly, highly recommended this entire series. This is one book you need to read, but with reading the others first. That is what a believe.

I for one, will re read these books again,  Forever Wolf is like nothing I have read before, the author has created this unique world, that I can not explain with the right words, its just really good and I really love it. This book was from the start to finished high paced, twist and turns and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and grabbing for tissues.

Eyulf & Varya will forever be in my heart.

Forever Wolf (The Legend of All Wolves Book 3) by [Vale, Maria]


An Amazon Best Book of the Month!
"Raw, wild, and intense—captivating to the final page."—AMANDA BOUCHET, USA Todaybestselling author, for The Last Wolf
Legend says his eyes portend the end of the world…or perhaps, the beginning…
Born with one blue eye and one green, Eyulf was abandoned by his pack as an infant and has never understood why, or what he is…
Varya is fiercely loyal to the Great North Pack, which took her in when she was a teenager. While out on patrol, Varya finds Eyulf wounded and starving and saves his life, at great risk to her own.
With old and new enemies threatening the Great North, Varya knows as soon as she sees his eyes that she must keep Eyulf hidden away from the superstitious wolves who would doom them both. Until the day they must fight to the death for the Pack’s survival, side by side and heart to heart…
A strikingly original paranormal romance perfect for fans of Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, and Sherrilyn Kenyon!
The Legend of All Wolves Series: