2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Storm Cursed by Patrica Briggs

Hello, Hi Welcome.

Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs.
(Mercy Thompson series, book 11)

Humans. This book was so darmn good.
I think I love Wulfe, lol

These were my thoughts, straight after I finished Storm Cursed. With it being a couple weeks later, I still feel the same way.
To say I was excited to be back in this world, was a understatement. It was literally the best feeling, I can not believe we are in the 11th book already, I found that the author did include some recaps of the previous books to jog our memories, I guess that was a good thing for any new readers that have jumped into book 11 like its nothing to worry. 
My one advice, is always the same is that with any series you should go and start at the beginning, see how it started, learn the characters, love the world and have an understanding of the overall story arc.

Black Magic witches, you guys it was so flipping good. I have not read a good witchy, witch book in so long. And Patty, brought her A game. This was creepy, mystery, and so many twist and turns. If I were watching it unfold my neck would be sore from the left, right motions.

We got, Wulfe, Zee in this instalment, be still my heart i adore these two characters.

Some Larry the goblin king, and Sherwood, the mysterious wolf, It made me want to go back and re read them again. I have no complaints, Patty, did a fantastic job and I am really curious to see where this series is heading in the future.

Adam and Mercy are one of my most favourite power couples,  I enjoy them as individuals and as a couple, loved that they are growing stronger, even Mercy how far she has come with the pack and family.

I am not here to give spoilers for he 11th book in the series,  I think if you are a reader looking for something new to start and are serious about it, thins is the one you should do.

5/5 Stars

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