2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Friday, May 31, 2019

The Queen and the Cure by Amy Harmon

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There will be a battle, and you will need to protect your heart.

Kjell of Jeru had always known who he was. He'd never envied his brother or wanted to be king. He was the bastard son of the late King Zoltev and a servant girl, and the ignominy of his birth had never bothered him. 

But there is more to a man than his parentage. More to a man than his blade, his size, or his skills, and all that Kjell once knew has shifted and changed. He is no longer simply Kjell of Jeru, a warrior defending the crown. Now he is a healer, one of the Gifted, and a man completely at odds with his power. 

Called upon to rid the country of the last vestiges of the Volgar, Kjell stumbles upon a woman who has troubling glimpses of the future and no memory of the past. Armed with his unwanted gift and haunted by regret, Kjell becomes a reluctant savior, beset by old enemies and new expectations. With the woman by his side, Kjell embarks upon a journey where the greatest test may be finding the man she believes him to be.

Please be wear of spoilers.

"I saw you," He said against her lips. "And I never looked away."

Oh my. Oh my.
This story literally ruined me, my emotions went through all the feels, and by the end of the story I, Angela was a mess.
I don't even know what to say, this story was so beautiful, the lyrical words pulled you in and made you feel what these characters feel. I was on the edge of my chair most of the time, before I knew it I was sad, angry, happy, swooning, mad, happy, I was up and down, on a emotional roller coaster. I did not expect what happened, to happen. Please be wear of spoilers.

"Come to me, and I will give you shelter, I will give you shelter, if you but come back."

When Sasha got her memories back, and to discover she is queen and married I almost stopped reading, no jk I was so devastated.  But I carried on, and listened with my heart in my throat and tears in my eyes and continued on. It was such a beautiful, magical adventure to go on with them, when they eventually ended back in her own city where she had to save her King and the people. The pace of the story was wonderful, a little slow but it was welcomed.

"Can you hear me, woman? Come sing with me."

 Not going to lie it took me about 3 days to finish this tale. I adore our Captain, Kjell. He was everything I love in a main male lead. He was so dreamy and broken and in need of a good women to heal him. Sasha, she was so beautiful and lost, confused and I really liked her. She and Kjell were perfect for each other and they loved each other from the moment they stumbled upon each other. I am not sure what else to say with this one, the writing was stunning if that can be a thing. I loved the side characters and I loved everything.

"Come to me, and I will try to love you. I will try to love you, if you but come back."

I highly recommend this story and the one before it, both are beautiful and both will make you feel, feelings.

"Come to me, and I will try to heal you. I will try to heal you, if you but come back."


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