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Monday, July 7, 2014

Review ~ LET LOVE LIVE (#5 Love) By MELISSA COLLINS 10th July

Let Love Live (Love, #5)Let Love Live by Melissa  Collins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Let love live (Love #5)
By Melissa Collins
*Arc provided for an honest Review*

3.5-4 Stars

Who would you become if you lost the only person who ever mattered?

Im no New comer to this genre i am a Mad LOVER of MM been reading it for Yrs with the likes of the amazing talents of Amy Lane and Mary Calmes , Ta Chase, Ethan Day and plenty more sooo when i found out this was a MM i jumped at the chance to read this one.

Tho i Do Wish i had read the actual series first, People might say you dont need to, but i honestly think you do.. Then i might have known not to fall in love with Shane and Dylan, to find out he dies is awful.  But This is the story of Dylan and  Conner and how Letting Go and Love, Pain and Happiness!! !!

Part one - Before
So For 16 yr old Dylan living in a small town means you must hide who you are, even from you best mate Shane.. Tho as always the truth always comes out and with the fear there is always a little bit of happiness for the two boys who take chance at love and honesty...But Some times Live is Too Hard for some and they cant deal.. and check out.. Dylan and Shane Love each other so much it jumps of the page and hits you its young beautiful and full of tenderness!!! I fell in love with Shane, and i am assuming that if i had read the series i might have known he killed him self when he was a teenager...

Part two - After
It has been 8 years and Dylan is still not over losing Shane, Dylan has been living  but not he pushes every one who gets remotely close to him. Conner is new in town and works and owns the gym, when he sees Dylan for the first time he knows theres just something about him that instant attraction to him wanting more. Con is Your Sexy bad boy looking ex mma fighter, he is  caring and strong, and  lovely he knows what he wants and he wants Dylan and he wont take anything less.  Conner has is own past and the more you read about him you love him too he lost his parents and knows the pain of losing some one you love as well. He is a fabulous character and There sexual Chem is HOT!! !!

When Dylan tells his story to Conner and to even us as we read it, You feel for him.

"The Story of their love is both inspiring and devastating. It's one of finding out who you are by allowing yourself happiness in someone else, only to have that person and in turn everything that made your life worth living taken from you."

This is a Story about Pain, Peace and Letting Go, New Beginnings and Happiness
Life happens and everything happens for a reason the good stuff and the bad stuff this story has it all and you go on a journey and watch as how Conner Gets Dylan to Move on to Love and Live again, For him to realize he Deserves to be Happy.

Lovely Story, Can be read alone i just like knowing the past stories about every one else in the series. These are my Own Opinions.

Recommend To Everyone Who Loves a Great Love Story!!

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