2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting

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Guest Reviewer Hollee Jacobs

When you start reading the same kind of genre books you seem to know what to expect.  Romance books are no different, boy meets girl blah blah blah.  So writers are forced to come up with different newer ways to intrigued the reader make them want to read your book, example tortured souls finding each other ya ya ya…  But it’s the way the story speaks to you, that makes the difference and this book spoke to me.  Our two heroes of the story Hayden and Tenley, Hayden a Tattoo Artist and Tenley a College Graduate, both with some serious fucked up pasts.  They both know what it is to feel loss and they both understand not only physical pain but a bucket load of emotional pain as well. 

Hayden has been on the roller coaster of grief and seen it through to the other side.  Where as Tenley she is still dealing with the grief of a great loss and trying to piece together what is left of her emotional self.  They have an instant attraction to each other but (mainly Tenley) is reluctant to do anything about it.  Until Tenley wants a Tattoo a huge one covering her entire back, the design is described in detail and sounds so amazing I would like to see it for real!!  Then the fun begins!!

I was little reluctant with this story to start with, but as it progressed just as the vines of Hayden’s tattoo were wrapped around his forearms (Helena if you read this and there is an actual tattoo out there just like Hayden’s I wanna see it, as well as Tenley’s !!) they were also slowly wrapping themselves around me too, holding me tightly for what felt like a highly emotional ride.

This story is well written the heroes of this story are evenly matched in not only messed up pasts but with both antagonistic and protagonist characters as well.  As the story progressed I was getting worried because the percentage on my kindle was getting closer to 100% and not seeming to end anytime soon.  I was getting really worried that the story’s ending would be rushed and be extremely disappointed.  But I was not disappointed..  I was shocked and dismayed and screaming crazy phrases like “Oh no she didn’t!!” and “Oh hell no!!”

I giving it 4.5 stars out of 5 even though I loved the story, it didn't make me cry!! (But I was close though!!!)  

If you’re a fan of Jay Crowover “Marked Men” Series or Nicole Williams “Crash” books your gonna love this story too. 

Well Done Helena Hunting can’t wait to read the next one.

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