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2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Review ~ The Luckiest by Wendy Owens

The LuckiestThe Luckiest by Wendy Owens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Luckiest
by Wendy Owens

4.5 solid Stars!!

*I was Lucky to Receive an ARC for my honest Review*

"When i make you happy it's the most amazing feeling in the world"

WOW, Just this Story Is WOW  This is my First time reading Wendy Owens and it wont be the last!! !!
From the First page you will be memorized and captavated I was HOOKED and couldnt put it down.
The Prologue was so intense i had goosebumps!!
Mackenzie  Was Married at 18 to her high school sweetheart, A beutiful daughter at 19 and at 21 widowed. She Lost her Mum when she was 12 and not even 3 years after she has lost
everything that means the world to her she losses her father!!

" Scared means you're feeling something. that you're alive"

Mac has been living in bubble not living her life, hasnt been able to move from the pain
from losing Travis and Katie. when she find out she has no money. she needs a job..
She gets a job with Dean and his Band as there Personal Chef and from there on
we watch a beautiful Romance unfold.
Dean *sigh* is Strong enough for the both of them to love her enough to be what she needs
and as we learn Dean hasnt had it easy either. You can not love Dean he is Amazing!!

"It's because you're broken that you're perfect for me. It's the reason we connect"

The Luckiest makes you Feel, you no when you have read something truely awesome
when you are crying, giggling and have butterfies all at once and at seperate times.
I felt like i was falling inlove all over again with her, i loved that feeling where you feel like you are right there with them.

This story is devastating and inspiring, It is about the  Pain and grief you feel when you lose the ones you love and the Peace when you final let them go. It is also about letting go of your own fears and learning to live and love again.

"People mourn and miss the ones they love, but they continue to live, I Didn't"

You Will Love this book, Its Real and True and it makes you Feel, You will connect with the
characters and the world Wendy Create is amazing.
You may forget to eat, and attend your family you wont be able to put it down till you reach the
end. Have your tissues with you and be ready to go on a passinote ride with Mac, Dean and the

** Romance, A Beautiful Sweet one ✔
** Awesome Characters ✔
** Smexy time ✔✔
** Drama, Pain, Angst ✔✔
** Made me giggle✔✔
** Could not put it down✔✔
** Wanted more when it was finished ✔✔

Recommend To Everyone

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