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2020 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

M/M~Review~ A Fostered Love By Cameron Dane~

A Fostered Love (Foster Siblings, #1)A Fostered Love by Cameron Dane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, Where do I begin??

This has to be one of my fave reads this year!!
Just so many awwww that so cute moments....

First of all I love Jonah, He is so so I don't have the best words to describe him... but *Thud* I fell in love with him!!

"But I don't want to go.I don't want to leave you."He pressed his lips to Christian's and squeezed his eyes shut."I love you."

Christian and Jonah are meant to be together!! they meet when they were in Foster care so many yrs ago, and something sad happens that Jonah got sent to JD!! And they don't see each other until their Foster mum passes away..Now that they are much older men,so so Hot Adorable Men they are drawn to each other and cant keep there hand of each other... With a great Romance between them a Crazy Ex and Oh so Hot Moments this is a FANTASTIC book!!
I loved meeting Christian's Friends Abby, Rodrigo Santiago, and then we meet Braden Crenshaw...That Story is going to be Good, but its a PM, and im not into them.. But i will read it to see what happens between the three of them!!

Back to Jonah!! He has never let any one in before, has no idea what a relationship is,love is and never been with a Guy before,apart from a BJ!! But he Hungers for Christian, there Love Story is just so beautiful written, i want to re read it again!!

"Never, ever,had he kissed some one like this,where he clutched hair and rubbed his belly and...."

So Jonah comes back to town,and is there to help Christian with the House to renovate,and while he is there the boys re-kindle their friends ship and more!!

I cant say enough about this story, i just LOVED it so much! Jonah made it for me!!
but even Christian was really really Sweet!!

Quote from Christian when he was younger
"I wanted you to like me so you would tell me why you're sad and mad and dont like anybody.I wanted us to be friends and even though im smaller than you i wanted to have your back and hang out with you"

as one of my fave books i have read :)

"I've never taken a bath with anyone before."
Damn it.He kills me without even trying

Love Cameron Dane!!  Cant wait to read more, So far every thing i have read I have Loved!!

I just have to add a few of my Fave Lines!!!! this being one of them and the others i have entered!!

"You are the other half of my freedom.I believe I can fly now because I have you."

***Thud Thud Thud***

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