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2020 Reading Challenge
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Friday, August 15, 2014

***** Five Star Review 30 Days With Dariana By J.A. Heron *****

30 Days with Dariana30 Days with Dariana by J.A. Heron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*************************** FIVE HUGE WELL DESERVED STARS ****************************

I started out on this book with hi expectations... Well it's J Heron who wouldn't... Well the lady did not disappoint... The writing is of the charts amazing... It has you gripped beginning to end, there's drama, there's angst, there's a female lead that's tough as hell, and there's a male lead so hot he makes you melt.

Dariana has been protected and sheltered all her life or so her Father thinks, but Dariana has her own plan in life REVENGE!!! But who will be on the receiving end?, the sweet girl is no more she's tough as hell and ready to fight, ready to make her life exactly what she wants it to be.

Then we meet Chas, he's sexy he's charming but he isn't what you think he is not by a long way, he also has a plan in life and it's his ultimate goal he can't and won't stop.... Nothing and nobody will derail his plans... Until Dariana this woman turns chas upside and inside out they share a bond so deep you'll be living in hope of finding a love like theirs.

I'm not one for giving book spoilers all I will say is there's twists and turns to be had so sit back and enjoy the ride. Did I love this book hell yes.... Did I love the plot bloody hell yes.... Am I looking forward to more books by this awesome lady damn right I am this lady has serious writing talent how could I not be.

Well done J Heron

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