2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

RELEASE DAY BLITZ PACKET - The Nightingale Effect by Zoe Hardwicke (Swoon Romance) - to be posted March 24

Title: The Nightingale Effect

Author: Zoe Hardwicke

Publisher: Swoon Romance

 Release Date: March 24, 2015


When it’s your job to save
others, sometimes you forget to save yourself.

Three nurses share a waterfront
house on City Island, a few miles and a world away from the bustle of
Manhattan. After exhausting shifts at a busy Manhattan Hospital, these women
like to unwind at The White Cap, an old seafarer’s bar.

But soon, Grace, Cherri, and
Joanne will need more than just a place to unwind, as they succumb to the
pressure and politics of the Intensive Care Unit while juggling the demands of
relationships, past and present.

One night, an injured movie star
arrives at the hospital, and the ICU is turned upside down. Grace, who has long
since given up on men, takes the lead in caring for the famous actor. While
watching over her handsome patient, she becomes drawn to him in ways that
challenge her own strict professional code.

Cherri, the youngest of the trio,
has her own man to watch. Having left her small Southern town to seek her
fortune in New York City, Cherri attracts the interest of the ICU's most
eligible young doctor, setting into motion her plan to marry a wealthy Park
Avenue physician. But when catastrophe strikes at work, Cherri finds herself on
the brink of losing everything.

separated from her drug-addicted husband, really needs the stability her job
provides. But she, too, is addicted — to her love for the man she married. Even
as she risks her job for him, someone else begins to capture her imagination.
But can he provide the kind of distraction she needs to move forward once and
for all?

Three women. Three lives at a crossroads. Everything on the line. The Nightingale Effect is a rich and layered portrayal of love, friendship, and betrayal from a new and resounding voice in women's fiction that fans of Jennifer Weiner will love. 

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