2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Blog Tour ~ Steve Genis, OBSESSION

Obsession -

Rick Santini is an 18 year old Year 11 student at a local High School in Melbourne, Australia. Struggling with the demands of his over controlling father, and trying to keep a low profile at school, Rick hides a secret, that will tear his family apart.

Rick has a High School crush, but there's just one problem, his crush is on his French PE teacher. His PE teacher happens to be married to Rick's English teacher who is also the school principal.

Unaware of Rick's obsession, his mother and father pressure Rick to succeed and do well in school during his VCE and urge him to improve his grades.

At school, Rick's classmates start to get suspicious about his behaviour around their teacher.

After living in London, England for a year with his parents, Rick has a blast from the past that comes back to haunt him and he becomes so obsessed with his teacher that his urges begin to take control.

Rick starts to distance himself from his friends and family and he starts lying to them to cover his obsession.

In a surprising twist, Rick's life is changed forever.

Will Rick do the unthinkable to get what he wants?

Obsession is told through the eyes of an 18 year old High School student.


I recieved this book for an honest review, And Wow What a Read!! We Are left with no Words, this is one story you need to read. We felt everyhting that Rick went threw, he is a young student inlove with the wrong man his School Teacher Mr Devereaux and he is crushing really hard on this French Hottie!! Rick become addicted and obsessed with him on the creepy side but at the same time its hot as hell. Lots of twist and turns and a Beautifull different Romance that makes you turn the page to see what happens next, you will laugh, Cry and its hot!!
♥Romance ✔
♥Characters Are Awesome ✔
♥Brilliant Story Plot ✔
♥Made me CRY, And Fearing for the life of my KINDLE.. It was Touch and Go for A little bit there..✔


Jared leant forward and kissed me for the first time. At first I was surprised and I pulled away. Even though I realised how dangerous it was for the two of us to pursue anything, I found myself leaning forward and kissing him right back; the whole time imagining that I was kissing Jacques.

Jared was a man with experience, who clearly knew what he was doing in every way. After he unzipped his pants and removed his underwear, he sat on top of me and began to slowly remove my clothes. He kissed me over and over again and started making his way down my body. As I ran my hand down his chest, with Jared on top of me, I pictured Jacques naked.

That night I lost my virginity to Jared.

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The Author

I am an indie author from Melbourne, Australia. I never had a desire to be a writer, but after going through a major body transformation in late 2012 I decided to write an Autobiography about my struggles with bullying, self-esteem, and body image. After sharing my experiences with the world I set out on a journey and became a qualified Personal Trainer. After losing 35kgs I had a passion and thrive to help others achieve, it was then that I decided to write a book.

After writing my Autobiography One Step Further I had an idea for a story which was inspired by events in my life, and set out on a difficult and daunting task to write my first novel Obsession which is part of the Obsession Series. I am currently in the process of writing the next 2 books in the trilogy Temptation (a prequel toObsession) and the final installment Resignation.

In the very little spare time that I do have, when I am not writing, I work a regular Full Time job in retail. I'm also a Personal Trainer and motivational speaker, helping others reach their weight loss goals and defeat their personal and difficult struggles. I enjoy spending time with my partner Kat, I come from a European background and I am the oldest of three brothers.

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