2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Title – The Vine Author – CA Ellis Release date – 12th August, 2014 Add to Goodreads   Synopsis – LIZZY MAYNARD: My Life used to be great. I was happy, full of energy, and most importantly, loved. From the day I was born, my family were everything to me: until tragedy struck. Since losing them, I don't love and I don't trust; that way, I don't get hurt. My breath left my body on a soul-changing gasp when I encountered him, and it's yet to stabilize. In him, I have found the glue to mend my broken heart; he makes me feel complete. There is no doubt I love him, trust him and know he won't ever intentionally hurt me. Now, I could lose him. I could lose everything. And this time, I know I will struggle to recover. Welcome to the battle for my life.   LUCAS CASTLE: I work hard. It's the only life I know. I care about my family, but no one else. Certainly, there are women, but I don't do love or commitment, and I definitely don't believe in 'the one'. My world tilted on its axis when it happened, when this girl came crashing into my world, changing my life for the better and making me undoubtedly aware that my life would never be the same again. I've fallen in love and want commitment because I have met 'the one'. My life is now complete. Unfortunately, with a tragic twist of fate, I could lose her—my everything—but I will never give up, not without a fight. Welcome to the fight of my life.  
  Excerpt – "…I feel the colour drain from my face and bile rise up in my throat. There is no mistaking it is the smug bastard who was just all over her, and they are kissing. The dizziness I felt a minute ago is being taken over by sheer rage. I can feel the anger rising up from my feet, up my legs, through my body and into my fists, making them clench instinctively. I can feel it rising up my neck now, my veins bulging with the strain of holding myself back from this fury taking me over completely, and I have to stop myself from running over and smashing that fucker into a bloody pulp. I need to get out now; I march off, hearing people's expletives as I shove my way through the crowd, violently pushing people out of the way as I head for the exit. I break through the doors, out into the street and I gasp for breath as I take in the air I so desperately need. I am gulping in air so frantically that from a stranger's perspective, they would think I'm having a panic attack. I roll along the wall of the club and around the corner into an alleyway, and then I am viciously sick. When I know my stomach is empty, I lean against the wall, bent over with my hands on my knees. I have to get out of here. I try to pull myself together but I can't; I'm beyond defeated. I'm fucking crushed. I stand up and walk out of the alleyway. I put my hands in my pockets, take one more look back at the club and then brokenly, I bend my head and I just keep walking…"  
About the author –  
C.A Ellis lives in Essex with her husband and her two girls. Turning 40 was the catalyst she needed to write her first book, which up until then had been a lifelong dream, so the release of The Vine is officially her dream come true! Her motive to write is readers enjoying her words, a tear being shed, the corners of mouth's being upturned into a smile, laughter being heard and hearts being warmed... Facebook Twitter Goodreads Purchase links – Amazon UK | Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Nook | Kobo | iBooks What's coming next – Meet him briefly in The Vine and early in 2015 you'll get to meet him intimately and find out so much more about the sexy rock star with a heart, Jett Matthews in Jetson. Add it to Goodreads

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