2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Nora Roberts Book of the Month, Reading group.

Hey, Hello, Hi *waves*

Welcome friends, to My little nook of the reading world. I am here to tell you about 

 Nora Roberts Book of the Month!

So who here loves reading Nora Roberts? If you didn’t know by now, lol I do!  #noraroberts books are literally amazing. I’m getting somewhere with this post. I promise!
So I have decided that each month I’ll be reading a new Nora Roberts book, I now have a massive collection that I’ve been dabbling in lately. But I don’t want it to take over my reading goals, and challenges. Cos knowing me, it really can. I would just end up binge reading all the books, and then I would be behind in everything I commit to and I really do not want that to happen. Promise this going somewhere!
Starting in the month of March I’m going to be reading

 If you would like to join me on my Nora book of month please email me or even comment below. You now join the good reads group I have created.

 Reading roughly 110 pages a week over the course of the 4 weeks of March. The Obsession is 453 pages long.I will break it all down below.

Once we have finished we can discuss our thoughts and chit chat over a cup of caffeine going LIVE on Instagram if there is enough Intrest.
 Please if you want to join me each month reading a Nora Roberts classic, and her newer titles find me here.



 I have in the past few months been Reading a lot of her suspense romance and damn you guys,they are so flipping good. I am hooked, even if this doesn't become a thing, I am happy to go it alone. Obviously posting a review here still with the book of the month.
With so many books to pick from and genre, I honestly believe this would be so much fun!
March breakdown.
Week 1.
Friday 1st March- 8th
Read pages 1-110 or Chapter ONE to EIGHT

Week 2.
Friday March 8th- 15th
Read pages 111-202 or Chapter EIGHT to FOURTEEN

Week 3.
Friday March 15th- 22nd
203-290 or Chapter FOURTEEN TO TWENTY

Week 4.
Friday March 22nd- 29th
290-453 or Chapter TWENTY to the END
You will have the 30th and 31st to catch up on what ever you haven't been able to read during the weeks. You could take the last couple days to read the last couple of chapters. How ever you see fit to do it.

On the 1st of April we can discuss it,in our online chat group https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/894792-nora-roberts-book-of-the-month we can can throw a party in there or LIVE on Instagram. It's literally up to where everyone is comfortable chatting. At the moment it is just me putting this together.
I will announce the April Nora book of the month here in case you would like to join that month instead. Please have in mind that I wont post the break down until March the 14th.

APRIL Nora Roberts Book of the Month

The Villa

If you are in AUSTRALIA and wanting to join along, I have an extra copy of this book I am happy to send you for free if you like. Just email me pnrbookloverreviews@gmail.com title it The Villa April reading group. Or again hit me up on Insta! I have a different edition of this book, you can also find it at your local library too.


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