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2020 Reading Challenge
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Friday, February 15, 2019

Divine Evil by Nora Roberts

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We are here to chat Divine Evil by Nora Roberts.please be cautious I will have spoilers.

Blurb (from amazon)

In this gripping novel of small-town scandal and sizzling passion, New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts tells the story of a renowned artist who confronts a mystery from her past—and finds that her family secrets have not been laid to rest.

Famed sculptor Clare Kimball has commanded the attention of the New York art world, but troubling memories from childhood have drawn her home to Maryland, to the town where she grew up and where her father died so long ago in circumstances never really explained. Nothing much has changed in Emmitsboro—except Cameron Rafferty, the onetime high-school bad boy turned town sheriff. The only hint of Cam’s wild nature is the light in his eyes when he looks at Clare. In Cam’s strong arms Clare is seduced into falling in love—and into believing that her small-town world is safe.

But within the dark woods of Emmitsboro, something evil is spreading its poisonous power. Now Clare must pay the price for digging up the secrets of the past . . . and confront an evil that may be unstoppable—because those who practice it believe it is divine.

WHAT a DAMN Book! 
I can't even, because for the last day I have been thinking about it, thinking what now though..

This was the paperback edition that I read, It was a big chunky one and took me a few days to conquer.
I have to say from here on this will be a spoilery review, Devine Evil was not a lighthearted story. When I started this story I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Clare Kimball a successful artist returns home, as does Cameron Rafferty a few years prior, hes now the small town of Emmitsbro's sheriff.

Until there is a murder and people start disappearing, there is a very bad evil lurking in the woods.

When reading this story, I found it really hard to pick out who the bad guys were, because literally there were so many of them. (Ill get back to that in a minute)

When we meet Clare she was having a nightmare and what we come to find out is that dream was real.

This was one of the most creepiest, fucked up story I have read in such a long time, to be honest. The Rape, killings and sacrifices were full on, but without them I don't think the book would have worked. I think it needed that *HOLY Shit* moments for all the feelings that you would experience, if that makes sense. This book was rough and when reading you realise there is more then one crazy in this town, there is a group of 13 men in a devil worshipping cult. Its been around for decades, with some of the men founding the cult. But  WHAT you come to find out that the big ring leader is not who you would expect. I was like OMG NO WAY! Right to the last page, the last WORD I was shook, SHOOK you guys. I could not believe who it was.

The romance between Clare and Cam, I loved how they meet again and the way that they both were slowly falling in love with each other. I adored when Clare's brother comes to town, he is Cam's best friend. I think overall this had some of the best characters, I did find it odd that her BFF was named Angie.

Yes, there are some negative reviews for this book, and they are all aloud to have there opinions, though some did surprise me, but I do sort of understand. Divine Evil is rather descriptive, and quite gruesome to say, the Satanic cult that tortures young girls/women and Nora can tell a really good story. personally if you are squeamish don't pick this one up.

The chemistry though between our main characters was lit, you knew when these too eventually hooked up it was going to be HOT. As I am writing this review, the one thing that annoyed me was the ending not because of who it was, but I wanted a bit more with Cam and Clare. I wanted to see what happened after he saves her and discovering the cult.

I am giving this one a 4 - 4.5 stars.

Why? you ask, It is really good book with a lot of suspense, surprises and mystery obviously the romance I really loved, I just wanted that extra bit at the end with Clare and Cam.  I was just left with with questions I wanted answered. What happened to the men, how did they not see it was Min the mayors wife that was the ring leader, YES!  I know I was shocked too, That part with her clasping her pentagram, whispering master gave me chills. 

This was not a pretty read but it was worth it.

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