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2020 Reading Challenge
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Monday, June 16, 2014


Bared for Her Bear (Wylde Bears #1)Bared for Her Bear by Jenika Snow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


"Ask me for it,Ary," he slapped his hand on her ass, and she squeaked out" "Ask me for my cock in your cunt"

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Review on Jenika Snow's BARED for Her Bear ( WYLDE BEARS)
Reviewed by Ang & Elz

Ang~ PNR is my Fav Genre to read, I love Shifters they are My Fav.. But Bears are just absolutely FUN to read.. with saying that i tormented Elz with my OMG this book is freaking Coocie Clenching HOT babe... You have to read this.... hahahah

Elz~PNR is really not a genre I've read before, but my sidekick Ang taunted me with this awesome read from jenika snow yesterday and I caved and said go on then I'll give it a go....well I think this book gave me a going over!!!!!

February, a.k.a Ary, Is a  Ocelot shifter, Ary Is Big and Beautiful with all the right Curves, Big Boobies and Wide hips (something to hang on to) with a killer personality and wicked funny Best Friends, Melissa and Candace.

"It's true. If you want a male to really bruise your uterus, you need to go for a bear shifter."

Ang~ It seriously felt like I was reading something that Elz and I would be having a convo about,Obviously not the bear shifter but Elz and I do have some FUNNY convo!!

Elz~ To say this book left me hot would be an understatement...jenika snow you have converted me to a PNR lover with just one book.

The Girls were out one night having drinks and in walk the Wylde Brothers, Charlie, Ford and Bram. All ALPHA-ness HOT

"They were just too big, too muscular, and looked like they would do some serious damage to her vagina, but in a seriously good way."

Ang~ Im Still Laughing and Squirming lol omg I LOVED this Story!!

Elz~I'll be rushing to amazon now to grab Ford and Brams books....yes I'm serious I'm seriously in love with these hot bears

These Wylde boys were so much fun to read about, These Awesome Alpha Bears don't take shit from anyone, they are Men whores (lol) seriously they sleep with anything that has a beating heart... This one night that they are all out at the same pub Charlie and Ary Just connect.. They Drink and Dance and Get their D.I.R.T.Y on and go home together...Honestly this was a simple Insta Love Easy Fun Read that you cant not just Love!!

"I love a female that has all the right curves for me to hold on to." She swore their lips brushed together,If this was what he did and said to all the women he took home she could see what all the rumors were about" I especially like a nice handful when I'm buried balls deep in pussy."

Ang~~ Eeek Its soo Flicking HOT!!

Elz~I mean seriously how can words like that not make your foo foo clench hard???

Seriously If you Love PNR Erotica Romance this is the Book for you,We Loved Watching them fall and fall hard for each other. We enjoyed the characters and the  Simple Story to follow with no angst and Hot Sexy Time And Cute HEA this Is it for you Don't look any further.. Have your BOB on Stand by and You better as well throw them knickers out. As we're both so addicted to these brothers expect us to spotlight book 2&3 as well...we just won't be able to stop ourselves!!

"I Love you more than the flowers love the sun."

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