2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ang and Elz's Review On Better Left Forgotten By Lisa Helen Gray

Better Left Forgotten
By Lisa Helen Gray

How far would you go to protect the ones you love?
That is the Question!!

"It's weird that i only met Cage last night yet I feel like there is something about him that makes me feel like I've known hum a lifetime"

I am Left Speechless, I Seriously did not expect to LOVE this book this much.
The story of Caitlyn and Cage is written BEAUTIFULLY there love story jumps from the pages this story had me gripping my kindle the suspense was awesome I couldnt put it down, I needed to know what was going to happen to every one.

"Im not going to lie to you Kitten I want you; I want you so god damn bad my dick hurts. This isn't about that though, this is about the connection I feel towards you. Get Used to it because I'm not going anywhere"

Since her Sister was killed, Caitlyn Michelson and Her 4 yr old Daughter move across the country to start a new life but unfortunatly she and everyone around her are in danger from her sisters crazy psyco husband Robin Quinton.

Caitlyn has a fabulous job, a happy daughter and i life she thinks she has everything sorted, That is untill she meets the Alpha Hotty Biker Cage Carter that she realizes what she has been really missing and that is LIVING again.

Cage Carter Is ALPHA HOT  BOOK BF Material You Will full in Love with him and his friends.
they have also moved to Harbour Cabins for to help the Owner with a Job he also know them as family.
When he sets eyes on Caitlyn his world comes crashing down around him and in a good way like the light bulb has gone "ding" She is Mine!!
Fabulous Characters You will love his best friends  Nate and Dante and his family.
I Loved every thing about this story so very much!

"I'm going to take you hard and fast then I'm going to eat you out then make love to you"

Carrie her daughter, you just MELT she is gorgeous to read about the sweet little girl jumps from the page you feel like you know her.. She turns every ones lives upside down and has every one wrapped around her 4 yr old pinkie, You cant not fall in love with her.

"Whoops. Sorry, I had eggs and beans this morning. Miss Haley says 'Beans beans they're good for your heart, you eat too many they make you fart' it's so true isn't Cage?"

Better Left Forgotten had Me from the first page, and I enjoyed the Ride i went on 
when i read this amazing story. It has everything I loved in a Story and more
It is Funny, Emotional, Suspenseful, It has you flipping the pages cos you just need to know more.

Will they have happily ever after?
Will the Crazy Robin Catch her??

" I Love the way laugh, I love your smile, the way you laugh at your own jokes. I love you when you're mad, when you're happy, and even when you make dump decisions."

Ang's and Elz 5 star ratings 
** Awesome Characters ✔
** Smexy time ✔✔
** Action and Plot ✔✔
** Made me giggle and could not put it down✔✔
** Wanted more when it was finished ✔✔

Can not wait till Nate and Danie's Story!

One Click This Awesome Story When it is Avaliable !!

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