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Friday, February 23, 2018

Review: In the Night

In the Night In the Night by Melissa Sinclair
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the Night by Melissa Sinclair

Book Lovers, I am in aww again. I have found a new genre that I love just as much as PNR/Fantasy Romance. And that is Suspense, Thriller Romance. I don’t know what it is about this genre, but I just love it so much, the way it creeps me out, and makes the hair on my arms stand, the way it makes me think. Why, How, Who, Where the authors takes us on these creepy adventures with these characters, I love it all.

In the Night is not a book for a weak stomach or is it a light read. It was far beyond this. When you open the book up it starts with a chilling opening, Kara goes through a tragedy that NO women should ever experience.
Kara survives a 4-day nightmare, that consist of Abduction, rape, torture, and more. Kara is a fighter and somehow escapes and wakes in the hospital with her brother explaining to her that the man who did this to her is dead. She has shitty parents, and a loving brother.

In the ten years that has passed she has become a Dr, a good Doctor and has moved back to her home town that she ran away from all them years ago. She has her reason why she has moved back, and they unfold as her story unfolds.
Ethan her brother is now a detective, and his partner is Caleb and they discover a dead body that makes Ethan run to his sister, you see they young women they find has similar markings that his sister Kara has.

Caleb, and Kara’s relationship is lovely. She hasn’t been able to be close to a man, since the day she was taken, let alone be close to anyone she has tough walls surrounding her for reasons, she has over the years put things together that doesn’t make sense, or has made sense. Kara witnessed and herd something that makes her leave home and never come back till now. Now she wants back her life, she wants control, she wants to love, live and be happy. This is a story about survival about Kara, discovering secrets, lies and the truth about her abduction. Caleb is everything that Kara needs to help her get through some of her pain and anger, trust issues and everything else that has been fester over the years, some people might say there is to much romance, but I say it has the perfect amount, she feels safe for the very first time, and she wants to take back the last 10 years! I like how the author wrote their relationship.

I loved the twists and turns in this story, for a debut story I was shocked at how well it came together, the writing is fantastic and how the story read fast and not boring. Never once did the story slow down, it was continually moving along fast, I didn’t once skip ahead or skim. I read each word, scared myself half the time, obviously when you read thrillers read them with your doors locked, lights on curled up in a blanket.
In the Night, made me jump, pace and sit on the edge of my chair, flipping the pages not quick enough to see what was going to happen next. Yes, it is graphic, yes it was disturbing but I loved every single moment.

The ending had me like HOLY MOLY, BATMAN!
Like I’m still sitting here like, Did. I. Read. That. *Claps Hands* the last few or more chapters were a rollercoaster ride of emotions and shocks!

Before I was even finished with this book, I was on amazon purchasing book number 2, which is about Ethan. For me that says a lot, I really enjoyed my experience with this one. I am really looking forward for reading about Ethan and I think I might know who his lady friend might be. I haven’t read the blurb, I’m just excited to read another book by the new author to me.

So, to say I loved this story, is an understatement, I really loved it, I loved the characters, the writing, the journey that Melissa takes us on. If I could rate it more than I defiantly would!
5 stars I would recommend to everyone who loves romance with there suspense, thrillers. I would most definitely be buying this in paperback.

No arc was given for an honest review, I purchased my own Kindle eBook copy.

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