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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Review: Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass Shattered Glass by Destiny Hawkins
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Shattered Glass by Destiny Hawkins

Bookish friends, I was kindly gifted an arc of this book. I am in two minds, like I loved the idea of this story, but I really didn’t care for all the sex with other people, and everything else that follows. I am WARNING you now, my review contains all the spoilers. I don’t really hold back, and for that I am sorry (!!!)

Honestly, have you ever read a blurb and was like Hell Yes, and then you read the book and it’s NOT remotely what you thought you were going to get.
This here is what happened. again, another reason why I don’t tend to take on request arcs that come through my blog anymore.

In this world we are in a kingdom that has a nasty curse surrounding them, where some have black hearts. They don’t have emotions, and do whatever they want. They are magical beings and Allora is the queen of them all.
I love that there is all my favourite paranormally things, vampires, pixies, demons lots of magic and werewolves. And as I said Allora is the queen of this city. She also has Sun her pet Leopard! and a kick ass Dragon.

I’m going to try and not give away a lot of the fun facts but it is hard. So, if you are here, this is where I’ll probably give away a lot of things that just annoyed me.

I was very captivated in the beginning, then I lost focus around 20% and it took me a little while to get back into the story. If I’m being honest I might as well start from here, I didn’t like this book at all. I never once found myself getting back into the story, I was at a point where I wasn’t sure if I should read more or continue.

Wolfe, returns. He is a werewolf pirate. (that’s cool) He was a childhood friend of hers, that was sent away with some others. When we get to 43% they have both having sex with other people, in Allora case she uses sex as a pass time I guess, so she is with this over the top jealous douche called Ronan. He and her have a lot of sex, he is addicted to her, and is very possessive over Allora. While she is like meh, you have a dick that can fill my black hole.

By now all the sex between all the characters in this story, is with them and others. Wolfe is with an actual whore, of sorts. At this stage I am not impressed but thought I will give it another chapter.
So, I’m now at 45% We finally have Wolfe’s POV
But, whilst in his POV the night before he got her so drunk, they went to bed together. And her kind of raped her. He said she gave him a consent, but barely. By now I am horrified. And not even sure if I should continue.

But silly old me, I do!

45%-53% Throughout this stage, the sexual tension between them is tight, and them getting to know each other again, but then something happens and then nothing happens between them, we do lean that they both have been hit with the shitty stick, and both have been living two separate crap-tastic lives.

56%-60% Yup, I made it this far so *Yay me! at this point we are given quite a good mystery and a slice of action, to make ME pleasantly happy for about 5 mins or so. With some good twist and turns all the way to them now watching over a young boy who was accidently bitten by a wolf. The young boy is an innocent, a pure heart, not black. Yet!

Now that the young boy is a wolf, and has obviously change. The chemistry, sexual kind is still happening between Wolfe and Allora, but they haven’t acted on anything yet. only lying to each other. I honestly thought at this far into the story that they would be admitting that they are still loving each other or something I did NOT expect at 67% the stupid melodrama dramatic “Oh No, we can’t be together, you are an awful person…we just can’t”

Well you know what. I just can’t with this BS. By now I am fuming. And annoying my best friend with my texting and bitchin.

One thing I hate in any romance, is the LONG drawn out lead up to what you know that I’ll be a great relationship. Yet your stuck watching a train wreck and can’t stop watching, because something has your attention.

They have liked each other since they were children, and now they are mean to each other, its I guess a sick foreplay for them. Unfortunately for me, I am going to be a Debbie downer and say I am not a fan. I love PNR it is the genre I am the happiest reading, it’s after all my blog name, who I am known for to be reading. But this, this book is way too complicated for me. I just want a simple story like how Sherrilyn,or Nalini write. Christ on a shit stick I would be happy at this point to read a reverse Harlem story which if you know me well I can’t stand reverse Harlem. Now as my friends know I love sex in all my books, but this was just no. I understand that we all have past loves, or whatever but I don’t want to read about them bumping uglies with other people while you know they want each other!

Wolfe, wants Allora with everything he is, and so does she. I am nearly at 70% when that shitty thing that happens, when your heart ends up in your throat. Yup I am done playing cat and mouse with this couple. Wolfe goes and fucks that stupid whore, and thinks of Allora while he’s nailing her to the bed. I am legit at the point of DNF because I just can’t anymore.

But, I continue because I just feel obligated to finish.

*deep breathe*

71% Ronan!!! He is back, we haven’t seen him in a little while, and like I said he’s back but he is now ever worse than he was before.

He now a werewolf/were man thing, and Allora magic doesn’t protect her from him, and now he’s hurting her and nearly rapping her, he killed Sun, which I was actual really sadden by. From here till the end, I was like seeing two different sides of Allora and Wolfe her grieving for her Sun, and us finding out some interesting things about her dead mother, and Wolfe in like she is mine to look after. And the young boy Asher never leaving her side now. Now bookish friends I am thinking my god, they might pull their heads out of there asses, but no! More drama, a ship under sedge… leads us at 81% her jumping on her dragon and going to “help” Wolfe, and his pirate werewolf pack. Aiko the whore, is all like a jealous bitch towards her. I’m now looking at how much time I have left, because I honestly want to get to another book to make me happy, because I am now like I wasted my Saturday reading time on being confused, sexually frustrated like these two knuckle heads. I can now safely say I did enjoy the last few chapters, with her killing and fighting all the bad people.

And that in the end, around somewhere between the last few chapters they FINALLY admitted they needed each other. When his best claimed her, and he as a man together mated her! But then we find out that its BS, legit he didn’t care if he claimed her or not. He apparently told the whore he loved her, and that she allowed him to fuck Allora, I seriously just want to cry at this point. What a joke! I guess she really loved him, and whatever he feels. OMG 3 weeks pass in a matter of a page, of them not talking or seeing each other. Another action scene happens, with a I LOVE you scene, that was too little too late. At this point I don’t know what else to say, I think the writing was good, just the story wasn’t. Too much happens at the end, the book is too long for it all. Normally in every other PNR the wrap up has already started leaving room for possibly another book, this is just too much in all the last chapters and then leaves us with a cliffy hanger. That epilogue though (!!!)

If you have gotten this far, I want to thank you for reading my review. These were my own thoughts and opinions, some may love this story and some may not. I unfortunately didn’t.

My review, my thoughts and honestly, I’m going to give myself a massive pat on the back and high five for me finishing, and 2 stars.

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