2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, May 17, 2014


Krinos (Take Over, #1)Krinos by T.L. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am A Cover Whore,You all no this.. But damn PPL look at this Cover it is freaking Beautiful and Sexy and I love it!!

A War is coming, and I will be prepared for it. I will kill anyone who threatens or hurts my family and my people. NO one will take that away from me. I will make my father proud.

Dose that not make you think Oooooo What is this book about??
What War? Who's Father? ?? Who Is KRINOS??

Well with out giving to much away I was lucky and honored enough to read an Arc Of Krinos by TL Smith, And i Freaking loved This Story about
Eliza but everyone calls her Krinos and her journey.

Eliza is being taught to run the family business and when the sexy alpha Stefanos enters the picture there story is wicked hot and fun. Eliza is Bad Ass, I love her she has to be my new girl crush.. she has no fear and will cut a bitch who gets in her way!!
Stefanos is Alpha Swoon Worthy tattooed GREEK GOD. (I have claimed him as my own)

"I'll Always catch you before you fall,princess"

When these two get there freak on its Scorching HOT you will need a cold shower to cool down, I enjoyed this story so much and i seriously can not wait for more.

"You're going to eat and lick me till I'm screaming murder."

Krinos has everything I love and More!!
** Romance, A bitter Sweet one <3 ✔
** Awesome Characters ✔
** Smexy time ✔✔
** Action and Plot ✔✔
** Made me giggle and could not put it down✔✔
** Wanted more when it was finished ✔✔

Whats there not to love i was sitting on the edge of my chair thinking at one stage OMG what The Heck is happening right now. With that said This is my first TL Smith book I have read and I Enjoyed it so much I am up at 12am Txting poor T telling her I love her and Wants my very own Stefanos!!

Please When this Little Jem Comes out, Grab a copy you will loves it!!

"You know you're mine now. No one, and i mean no one is to touch that pussy but me, yourself included"


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