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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Harbour By Penelope Louleas

Harbour (Runaway Home, #1)Harbour by Penelope Louleas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jesus, if I have to work with this man everyday i'm going to need to bring a spare change of panties in.


I LOVED Harbour By Penelope Louleas for her debut book it was FREAKING AMAZING, SEXY, FUN, BEAUTIFUL STORY about Harbour and Lincoln. Harbour is seriously really really good smutrific, coochie clenching flicking your bean AMAZING!!!

"I'll make you scream my name so many times that the neighbors will think i'm a fucking god."
Mmmmm "Well your altar is one i have no problem worshipping at. Even on my knees"

Lincoln and Harbour have Chemistry jumping of the pages they are perfect together and reading this story was such an awesome weekend read, I enjoyed going on there ride to a HEA!!

Right so now the Story Where to Begin....

Harbour is living in Melbourne Australia she is stuck in a rut, with an awful ass of boyfriend she knows she shouldn't be with him but sticks around,she has amazing friends Pierce,Art and Lo. A Really Great Job and one day she decides Screw this And Looks the Devil in the eye and changes her life for the Good, Gets A Promotion and heads to New York!!

I Really Loved Har her personalty is fabulous she is funny curvy sexy down to earth Aussie

I hope she burnt her nipples while topless sunbathing

Then We have Lincoln He is ALPHA HOT With his Perfect abs,His perfect chest and YES MY FAV the SEXY V cum gutters!! Lincoln is just hot hot hot he has the while possessive your MINE nobody's allowed to touch you but me thing going on, but also really sweet and cheeky make you weak at the knees Swoon worthy.

"I'll take you for breakfast there one day next week id you promise not to use the words Down Under outside of the bedroom. It does things to me" he grins and then slowly grinds his pelvis into my thigh to show me the effect.

He Is your typical bad boy turned CEO of at multi million $$ company, that Har Works for and now is working as is Assistant now (hehehehe) I loved How they meet at NYE party , I loved how they got to know each other and We get Linc's story as well!! He has A Bitch of a Whore Ex and A beautiful family you fall in love with! Honestly there romance is really special to watch and grow.. Things happen.. Its not an easy rd but its one worth going on the ride for!!

♡♡You no when there is that amazing fav chapter in a book you would re read again and again.. Well for me Chapter 17 ppl!! OH EM GEE ♡♡

♥Romance Was Perfect ✔
♥Characters Are Awesome ✔
♥Brilliant Story Plot ✔
♥Made me Squirm and have cold shower... many times over (hehehehe) ✔✔✔
♥Made me CRY, And Fearing for the life of my KINDLE.. It was Touch and Go for A little bit there..✔
♥Wall SEX.. I Just had too add that.. ✔✔
Has to be Now One of My new Fav reads, Thank you Penny for my Arc I feel Honored getting to read and reviewing your baby!!

"I feel like ive run the new York marathon with out stretching first"
"You stretched.You Stretched plenty"
"Yeah, I did but i mean stretching BEFORE the workout."
"You did that too, remember? Stretching your arms, your legs, and pulling my hair while I....."
"Okay! You need to stop with the 'fuckbacks' before i fly up there and you miss your meeting"
"Yeah, fuckback. Fucking Flashbacks! My panties are wet beyond comprehension and i think ive forgotten how to turn on the shower"

LMAO I LOVE THIS SCENE From WHEN They Were Texting Each other!!

Fabulous Debut, I can't express how much I Loved this Story and Can Not Wait till there is more in the Series!!

5++☆☆☆☆☆ Stars For New Beginnings and Brighter Futures and Perfect SEXY SMUTTY ROMANCE ♡

"This looks fucking hot as hell, baby Our come is mixed and glistening on my cock" He pulls out all the way and I lunge forward, taking his still hard cock......."

Please One Click Your Self a Copy of Harbour By Penelope Louleas You will love it!

FYI tho have that BOB handy!!

"She had no chance. Not my Type" "whats your type. then?""You"

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  1. f**king awesome review!!! You 'rock my jocks'! xoxoxo