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2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Review: Cross Her Heart

Cross Her Heart Cross Her Heart by Melinda Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review: I love it when a favourite author creates a new series in an already established world. If you have read Melinda’s other series called the Morgan Dane series you will like this just as much, for me I liked it but I was not wowed by it. I wanted more romance more then what we were given, this is categorized as romantic suspense there was NO romance like in at all. I know from previous books that there will be some slow burn romance eventually, but at least gives us a bit more then what we got. OK so now that my only complain is out of the way, lets talk about this new series.

Bree Targert is an exciting new character to read about she is a homicide detective living in Philadelphia, until she gets a phone call from her sister Erin who leaves her a message saying that she is in trouble. But by the time she gets to her hometown Grey’s Hallow, Which I think is in the town Scarlet Falls as we already know from the Morgan Dane series the sheriff is an acting deputy sheriff. Anyway, she gets there to late as Erin has been shot and killed, discovered by her (Erin) husbands Justin’s, best friend Matt who is an ex K-9 investigator. Bree and her siblings come from an awful situation, where their Father killed their Mum. So, when she gets a call from her sister, she immediately thinks the husband did it, and brings her past into the mix.

As this is the first book in the series, sometimes things are written way for you to either love it or hate it , I guess like for example in this book we are really focused on the murder, missing person investigation and then the romance between Bree and Matt is on the back burner you know it’s there and going to happen but it never does.

In saying that I didn’t hate this book, I really did enjoy the story and how it was written, the way Melinda writes is fantastic. She has a formula that I personally really enjoy, a strong kick ass heroine, a great mystery that makes you think everyone is the killer, a supporting cast that consists of a close knit family and in this story we have Erin’s children Luke and Kayla. Then Bree’s brother Adam, and Bree’s retired police partner who comes and helps with everything. The murder mystery is neatly done and the reader will be able to follow each step and question the possibility of who done it. I really did enjoy that Bree was able to investigate her sisters murder, I think personally it added a special touch. Overall Cross her Heart is going to be a great new series to read and get excited about. Especially knowing what is to come with Bree and the future, I hope we see some other characters from her other series sprinkled throughout the books to come.

I was/ am so grateful for my arc copy that was generously provided to me by the publishers.

When you do check this novel out, it will be available with kindle unlimited and I highly recommend that subscription, as you can get to read it for free but what I love most is that with all her titles on KU you can read and listen for free. Defiantly check that out, I have read most of her work like that. I look forward to the next one, I love that this a new series in a world I love.

3.5 Stars
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