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2020 Reading Challenge
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Monday, April 22, 2019

A Wolf Apart by Maria Vale

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A WOLF APART by Maria Vale

(The Legend of All Wolves Book 2) 


"Wonderfully unique and imaginative. I was enthralled!"—JEANIENE FROSTNew York Timesbestselling author, for The Last Wolf
Can a human truly make room in her heart for the Wild?
Thea Villalobos has long since given up trying to be what others expect of her. So in Elijah Sorensson she can see through the man of the world to a man who is passionate to the point of heartbreak. But something inside him is dying...

Elijah Sorensson has all kinds of outward success: bespoke suits, designer New York City apartment, women clamoring for his attention. Except Elijah despises the human life he's forced to endure. He's Alpha of his generation of the Great North Pack, and the wolf inside him will no longer be restrained...
She sizes me up quickly with eyes the color of ironwood and just as unyielding.
"Thea Villalobos," she says, and it takes me a moment to get my breath back.
Thea Villalobos. Goddess of the City of Wolves.

The Legend of All Wolves:
The Last Wolf (Book 1)
A Wolf Apart (Book 2)

What People Are Saying About The Last Wolf:
"Raw, wild, and intense—captivating to the final page."—AMANDA BOUCHETUSA Today bestselling author of The Kingmaker Chronicles
"Pushes boundaries, and keeps you at the edge of your seat."—TERRY SPEARUSA Todaybestselling author of the Heart of the Wolf series
"A standout...a dense, gooey chocolate cake in page form."—Kirkus Reviews
"Outstanding world...well worth reading. Spellbound readers will watch for the next installment."—Booklist Starred Review

My Thoughts.

"Homeward, you land sick heath- wanderer, in 27 days"

A Wolf Apart by Maria Vale was so very different to the first book, where I loved the first book so much, i found myself not loving this one as much, and only because the romance was very secondary to the story.

"My sky, my mountains, my wood, my earth."

Elijah Sorensson is the Alpha of echelon, but rather then being with his pack he has had to live in the human world, and he only gets to return back home when the Iron moon happens each month. It is literally destroying his soul being trapped in his human body more and more then he likes. he is the most successful lawyer and he has everything human would want in life, but he is not human he is wolf and all he wants to to be wild once again.

"I know how it feels when your soul starts to die."

Until he meets Thea, Thea Villalobos, she is human and she chooses to live a life like he would love to. Thea lives away from others.

"The great man" "The great wolf" "is the one who in the midst of the crowd" "of humans" "keeping with perfect sweetness the stillness of the forest"

"The quote is," Keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude."

The romance was lacking quite a lot in this one, still I found myself enjoying it, but I really did miss the romance element. We are told that Elijah really digs Thea, but i found the relationship did lack any depth. In this one we are told they love each other but not shown, I think if we had some of Thea's POV I might have liked it even more. But even with all this said I found myself really loving Elijah and wanting him to have the best life possible.

"A good fight isn't about the outcome. It's about knowing that you've made things different by trying."

I can defiantly say that I have not ever read a series like this one, where the werewolf, shifter, humans are so different and I cant even with the right words try and explain how amazing the author has created such a unique world, a world that I am loving!

"When I'm with her, I remember who I really am."

I don't think this book is for everyone, but for me it was everything. It made me feel instead of reading, It made me shed a tear or two, I was excited to know when it ended that I could jump into the next one.

"Be thou blessed. Be thy body as strong as the tree. Be thy will as hard as the mountain. Be thy young as wild as the storm. Be the lead of men as soft as snow upon thy fur. Be thou blessed."

4.75 / 5 Stars.


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