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2020 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, March 16, 2019

In A Badger Way by Shelley Laurenston review

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Friends, we are here to chat about this little gold nugget!

This book was phenomenal, Epic even. I can not put into words how much I loved this book!

Honey  Badger Chronicles, takes place in the same world that the Pride series, and from what the author has recently came out and said this series, is continuation of the Pride series, but with new blood and characters and new direction. Honestly when I read the first book last year I could see that for myself, this world is one if not my favourite world that's been created.

This has to be hands down, one of the funniest and craziest stories I have read in so long, probably since I read the last book in the series. Unfortunately I would not recommend reading In a Badger Way as a standalone. This book has so many cast members from the pride series, even some of my favourites like Blayne and Bo.

 I have the prior understanding and highly enjoyable experience from reading all of Shelly's books for me to love and adore this book for what it is. I HIGHLY suggest you to jump into the Pride series.

I don't know how the author does, it but she nailed this book and it really does have everyone it it, I couldn't keep the excitement down when they brought in Miki who is from the story Go Fetch another series called the Magnus pack.

As I jumped back into this world, I was a little overwhelmed because so much is happening, but with Stevie and Shen are the main focus, we also get Max and Charlie, Kyle and his family and more. Literally a plethora of amazing characters. The Wild Dog nights are back * Insert Confetti*

I loved how engaging, and the way Shelly can pull you into her shiftier world. The MacKilligan sisters Charlie, Max and Stevie are three bold, fearless, kick ass women you will ever read about. they get into some strange and entertaining situations, and have the oddest family.

Stevie is a hybrid shifter, and in the previous books, you know that some shifters are not welcoming on that fact. Stevie is a Honey Badger/ Tiger. And is humongous.  What I adored was that the relationship between Stevie and Shen, just happened. Its really funny to watch it all unfold. Shen is a PANDA shifter, and he loves bamboo, Shen is the cutest, and hes damn sexy and strong the perfect mate for Stevie.

In this one, they are trying to track down the scientist who are experimenting on hybrids. But also we have the girls family of honey badgers here for a funeral. the plot and twist are fun and I am here for the next one.

I love that this shows us the bond that the sisters have,they all care for each other and worry for one another. I can not pick who max will be involved with in the next book.
 I know that this book or the series might mot be for everyone but for the fans I think everyone will love it.  

Action, Shifters, Fighting, Wild Dog Nights, Hybrids, Romance, Humour and more! 

5 Fantastic Stars!

“Hot and humorous.” —USAToday.com

Petite, kind, brilliant, and young, Stevie is nothing like the usual women bodyguard Shen Li is interested in. Even more surprising, the youngest of the lethal, ball-busting, and beautiful MacKilligan sisters is terrified of bears. But she’s not terrified of pandas. She loves pandas. 

Which means that whether Shen wants her to or not, she simply won’t stop cuddling him. He isn’t some stuffed Giant Panda, ya know! He is a Giant Panda shifter. He deserves respect and personal space. Something that little hybrid is completely ignoring.

But Stevie has a way of finding trouble. Like going undercover to take down a scientist experimenting on other shifters. For what, Shen doesn’t want to know, but they’d better find out. And fast. Stevie might be the least violent of the honey badger sisters, but she’s the most dangerous to Shen’s peace of mind. Because she has absolutely no idea how much trouble they’re in . . . or just how damn adorable she is.

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