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2020 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Review: White Rabbit by J.D. Sloane

White Rabbit White Rabbit by J.D. Sloane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


What did I read?

White Rabbit, is what!

I can’t even, I spent the whole day reading this little beauty. I legit couldn’t put it down. I think at times I was annoying my bestie with all my rambling. When I read and know someone has read it also, I find it easier for myself to read and stop chat read stop chat… because BOOK LOVERS prepare your mind to get jacked UP!

Now you all know I do not read books likes this often, it is very rare that I will dive into some twisted dark romance like this.

I honestly didn’t think I was going to like it as much as I did. But holy sh*t did I ever!
I am in aweee with the M*ther F*cker l Ronan, he is so scary and so very unpredictable.

I love him in a sick twisted way, I thought wow I dig you, Mr Scary!

And then we have Brooke, and gurlll I love her so. She is so like crazy too but I just adore her. She is one bad ass, so strong from what she has overcome.

I hated Donnie, I wanted to see him get what was coming to him! He was a total shady MF, I was like the whole time shuddering from his creepiness. And I despised Liam!

Ronan and Brooke are perfect for each other, all the nutting and bjs and that damn belt #fansherself
Damn book lovers, if you are looking for something twisted dark hella hot romance this is the story for you.

I couldn’t believe how addicted I was until I finished at 2am and went searching for book 2.

I really liked the story, at times I was confused who was telling me the story and I had to stop and see what I just read, but eventually I figured it all out. I think the story was well paced and Brooke is a damn champ at giving BJs #justsaying

What happens when a lost ex-military chick meets a murderous sexy scary psycho?
A lot of Passionate Raw Sex, though it was like Rough and dirty like I want to punch you in the face and then nut all over you!

Like I said I really loved the story, Brooke was hired to be Ronan’s lawyer and then shit hit the fan and we have this epic roller-coaster ride of all them feely feels.

From the beginning to the end I was hooked, each page kept me on the edge of my seat… possibly keep the fan on, or make sure you have access to something that will cool you down… No, seriously I mean it. You may think I am crazy, hey I know I am a little, but the couple’s chemistry ignites from the pages.

You sit there and want more, you want to know what’s going to happen next.
Both Ronan and Brooke are jaded both are broken and both are emotionally challenged. but. Together…works. It works so well.

Praise to the author, who it would have taken guts to produce something so gritty and dark and stick to her guns and publish a really good story. It could possibly my new favourite dark romance story.

I brought this because. well. I was told nicely that I had to read this, and book lovers make no mistake I am freaking floveing it. I am looking forward to reading the second one.

I found thought there were some small editing problems, so small. But I can totally look passed that and give this book a 4-star story and a 1 star for that cover!

I am loving that cover, I can’t wait to get in on my book shelf. I would say for everyone to go in with an open mind and give this story a try. Yes, yes there are triggers and cautions but Christ on a cracker its totally worth it all.

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