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2020 Reading Challenge
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Monday, May 29, 2017

Review: The Way Back Home by Carmen Jenner

The Way Back HomeThe Way Back Home by Carmen Jenner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Way Back Home
by Carmen Jenner

Book Lovers!

The Way Back Home, is so good! Legit let’s get to my rating…

4.5 stars for the story, and 1 star for that cover… LOOK at how Beautiful that cover is! Oooh that would mean more then 5 stars... totally worth it!

Why 4 stars?

This is just me and I’m just a fussy bitch, but I love the sex. and this book didn’t have a lot of that hot sexy sex Carmen normal writes. But other than that. I’m all in!

This story, WOW #feelings holy cow, I am just blown away with how much Carmen can make us feel when she delivers us a story, I don’t read her angst rip your heart out and stomp on it, make you rock in fetal position. NOPE that is not me. And that is not this book!

But I always read her books like this REAL Passionate and her fun Carmen ones.

This was so RAW, POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BREATHTAKING, EMOTINAL. And yet I was annoyed at the same time wether it was because I wanted the couple to quit with the sexual tension that ignites the pages, and just kiss already! But I had to wait, had to turn my patience’s on. Damn gurlll it was hard. But once they got to the good stuff. It was HOT, Perfect, Raw and heart pounding!

I am in love with August, and I have lady crush on Olivia, I love that we already know who she is from reading Toward the Sound of Chaos, which was one of my most favourite books last year.

Olivia moves to open a Paws for Cause in Magnolia Springs, which is in Alabama, and this town! Holy shit... I felt like I was there y’all! The town folk are crazy, mean and just so backwards all set in their own ways.

GAH! I just love stories like this, I hope Carmen keeps writing stories in this series, I love that they are all standalones but to get the most enjoyment you can read them in order.

August is cruel, he is a dick, he is an asshole, he is a flannel wearing hot bearded MF who I would drop to my knees for… *gasp* I know rude! But holy shit this man. How broken he was and all the little moments when he was sweet, just ruined me! He has been to hell and back, most of the story he is just not in the right mind, taking care of the sweetest little sister, since their parents have died!

"I’d wanted to die a hero, and instead I was living life as a cripple."

Oliva is sassy, smart and strong. She made me cry, laugh and fall in love with her way of life. And holy, punch me in the gut, I was sobbing like a baby the stuff she went through, overcome her own demons and just tough!

This story is perfect, legit I can’t really fault it not having enough sex! which I kind of wish it did a little more ;)

Because this story was so real, I love that Carmen didn’t over dramatize anything. She wrote it spot on. For me, Carmen’s is one of my favourite Aussie authors, that is when I can read the Ang friendly stories.

Her writing is flawless, I loved the pace of this one, even though I was like damn gurl, jump his bone, drop to your knees… I learnt patience.

All the characters are just perfect I love them all from the sweet little girl who is August sister, the two punks who we fall in love with, who help Olivia get Paws u and running, I love how they become part of this twisted family. Each with their own BS to get through, but with the help of each other they manage to come out on top, it isn’t easy but it’s worth the rollercoaster ride.

“Every day I wake up and expect that I’ll be a new man,” he whispers. “Every day I lie to myself because I know I ain’t ever changing, but I still need to tell myself that to make it through.”

Another thing I love is that Carmen showed us that love is love in the purest way. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, what colour your skin is, what size you are, just that LOVE IS LOVE!

So, prepare yourself with tissues, popcorn, chocolate and the coffee. Once you start his book, I don’t think you will be able to put it down. I know I couldn’t.

"he grins as he puts the cap back on the water bottle and sets it on the bench. “You know, if you want to see me naked and sweaty, all you have to do is ask, darlin’.”

I am just in awe of this lady, I adore her! Can’t wait for more from her <3 br="">An Arc was received the most honest review
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