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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review: Select

Select Select by Marit Wiesenberg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Select by Marit Wiesenberg
Select… it’s been a few days now, and I am still struggling with all the words for this story. Out of all the beautiful poetical words I got nothing but one word. Seriously the one word that describes my experience is WEIRD! This book is weird, and I do like me some weird… but this is so … weird. In a strongly good way. I know weird right.

I don’t even know how to explain this book, like I really enjoyed it because I read it all in one day. Select has that twilight feel, kind of maybe a love triangle but not really. Well kind of im unsure to be honest I was just going with the flow. Kind of like this review to everyone it’s just going to look weird, but to me till make perfect sense, and I think for everyone to understand this story and to understand the weirdness of this review and the story again you should buy yourself a copy!

I like LOVE the cover, and when it comes available I wants, nope I needs it on my book shelf!

Julia has special abilities, her whole family really does well her whole group…cult…peoples did. Honestly her dads a douche her stepmom is a b*tch and her sister is no better, her dad runs the show and something bad happens and they single out Julie more than they already have and send her to like the other side, like where the normal people go to school I guess but they don’t know that there are special gifted humans like Julia out there, apart from the hot dude John!

John is awesome, I really like his character. I like all the characters apart from the mean humans. Julia and John are meant to be,but they cannot be together but that doesn't last and if Julia's cult people find out that they are together it will just be bad for everyone involved.
I can see this review is already long and so very weird, gah! I do try I promise that if you pick it up you should like it if you enjoy the twilight or like anything Young adulty. I found the writing had this great flow and kept me interested and invested in everything that was happening.

So many twist and turns and OMG moments, it was a pacing back and forwards type of setting, wondering holy cow batman is this happening! I think this book is mainly about the choices you must make for yourself and how they could impact on others and how you accept who you are, and deciding is what you want for yourself is the right choice like if you were at a crossroad would you go left or right…

Marit has written a very good book that will I think attract a lot of readers, I am looking forward to more, but I hope she doesn’t ruin what has already happened with Julia and John!
I found it to be believable, and what I thought I wouldn’t enjoy there was no insta love and I love me some insta fluff there was none of that. Select read at a good pace and I loved the plot of it all.
Solid 4 out of 5 stars

Arc received by the publishers, as wishes do come true!

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