2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tell Me It's RealTell Me It's Real by T.J. Klune

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


THIS IS.... AMAZING.. Stick with it cos you wont be sorry!!


So threw Out my review i will be randomly adding some of my favorite quotes.... lol

(view spoiler)[✦So the point is, i dont have a coke can for a dong,but i dont have a mike and ike either.... (hide spoiler)]

I Just Totally LOVED Tell Me It's Real, by TJ!!!
This is everything I Loved in a book..

☆☆Wanted to keep reading till the end!
☆☆Amazing Beautiful Funny characters!!
☆☆So So SO FUNNY!!
☆☆Cute, No Angst!!
☆☆Perfect Story, and Great Writing!

"You don't need proactiv when you have the sheer force of will.Justin Bieber is a liar and a fat mouth... LMAO

Paul Auster A 30yr old kinda chubby guy (AMAZINGLY FUNNY) And Vince Taylor is Sexy and kinda Slow.. BUT Are perfect for each other!! With a 2 legged dog named Wheels and a Homophobic Parrot named Johnny Deep and A best Friend named Sandy..aka Helena Handbasket..Where can you go wrong right??  lol ITS just BLOODY GOOD!!!
The romance is so sweet, I really enjoyed everything about this book!
I loved when we meet Nanna and the Crazy Parrot..lol The parents are fantastic too and "Daddy Charlie"



"I don't even want to know what that is,I assured her,even though i kind of did.A cage? for your cock? Like it was some sort of chicken?"

I think EVERYONE Should go and read this AWESOMELY FUNNY PERFECT Book!!

✦"He might be hot,but he's probably dumber than a box of rocks covered in cocaine.Ha ha! Crack rocks.Im funny is shit!!"...LOL

AWESOME READ So happy I Read this one, NOW some of my Fav Quotes :)

✦" Besides,we'er both bottoms.What would we have done? Bumped boy pussies?"

✦"Winnie the Pooh and Piglet probably staged an intervention at their house at one point."
"They didnt live together"Sandy said
"Of course they did.They were life partners."
"Pooh was porking Piglet?"
"Brings new meaning to the sentence i ate ham for breakfast"

LMAO but theres more...

"I bet theres like an easter egg on one of the DVDS"
"A deleted scene that shows Eeyore jerking off to a photo of Pooh fucking Piglet while hanging himself with his tail in the closet."

Oh Fuck i Pissed my self laughing again as I am typing this!! so FUNNY!!

✦"I'm going to Freddie Prinze Junior you so hard when we get there"

✦"Im going to Kiss the fuck out of you"

IT's REAL!!!!


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