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2020 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'll Be Your ManI'll Be Your Man by Clancy Nacht

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'll Be Your Man Is Fantastic, Sweet Read!!

Ive never been one to be into  May/December Stories,But I FREAKING LOVED I'll Be Your Man
By Clancy Nacht. This Story is about Richard a divorced 50 yr old who is Wanting waiting for his ex to come back to him...Tho this is never going to happen!! And Paul and Young 25 old who is a journalist and hid BEST friends with Richard's son Kyle..

Paul and Richard become friends at first,have a couple sinners and bike ride,while Richard teaches Paul a few tricks in the kitchen.There was so many funny moments and so many CUTE sappy momemnts!

"Hello?Hello,Dad,why are you calling my friend Paul?"Before Richard could react,Paul was giggling"I'm sory.That was evil i do a pretty good Kyle on the phone though,dont i?"

Then One Night Paul's Rock star Father tricks him into visiting him at his house and what Paul dosent know his dick of a father is throwing a massive PARTY and gets trapped there!!

"His voice was like the sound of God,If God drank too much and sucked a lot of cock"

And When Paul ring's Richard to come and save him, It has to be the most AWESOME part of the story!!

Are you serious?What the fuck?Putting on my ass-kicking shoes."
"No, no ass kicking.you dont understand Richard this guy is big like Hagrid is big No,like Hagrid's fat fucking brother,only in chaps with a big flabby,furry ass and i think he said he had a whip somewhere and...oh god you dont know who Hagrid is do you?......

That scene was awesome, and from that point the story was about them got Cuter and Sweet and how they had to over come there insecurities and interfering friends and family to get to there Happily ever after!!

The sex was Brilliantly HOT.. I loved that Richard was the V and the bottom (hehehe) And Paul was the take charge Top of the relationship! The scene in the Car was Smoking!!

Love is Glue

I really Enjoyed this and I would Recommmend for a Sweet, easy NoT heavy on the Angst with a really cute Love story :)

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