2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, October 20, 2018

PNR Book Lover's Book Club

Hey, everyone. It is me Ang, I hope you are all doing well and reading all the books.
A few months ago I started a adult, PNR Book Club/ reading group.
Where we read a book of the month and then discuss it with each other. I have also as you know loved reading PNR, I love the idea of group of us all reading the same thing together and then discuss it at the end of the month. it has been so much fun, we are a small group of blogger/Instagram friends. I love it. and I love the girls who are all in there with me. I was worried in the beginning that many of us wouldn't be able to participate, but so far we have all joined in where we can.

So far we have read and discussed 3 books. We are heading into our fourth month of selecting, going into November.

The first book we all read was called My Commander by Alanea Alder

I loved this book. Like loved it a lot that I binged read the whole series in a week.  Aiden and Meryn are a great couple. This is the kind of series I am here for, it gave me Shelly Laurenston feels. The world building and characters are perfect. I love the author’s voice. She created characters I cared about all of them and then left me wanting more. I cried, laughed and swooned with them all. I am now waiting eagerly for the newest one to be releases, and I'm not even sure when that will be. This is a light PNR. It’s hysterically funny, Meryn in her own right owns this whole series, with me being able to read them all I can tell you all that she is a big player in each book.

Then we read,  Burn by Suzanne Wright. I loved this book, I have over the years have read Suzanne, and have enjoyed her stories. This one though blew me away, I loved it and then I brought them all. I haven't completed this series yet but when I do ill be back here to add a much better review.

Then the following month September we read Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon, unfortunately I DNF it and I didn't enjoy what I had read from it. My reading mood, effected me on this one. 

The October read, for me was a big no, it was Ya but I honestly didn't even realize it was until I started reading it. But anyways it was called Frost Burn by Erica Stevens. I also didn't finish this book, I did not like it. I know the other girl in the book club didn't like it also, and the rest didn't read it as well b3casue it was ya, not that we don't like ya books its just that we prefer adult PNR.


So far we have had some hit and misses, but you know what I love about our little group, are the friendships I have made through the course off opening it up. I love the discussions we have, and I enjoy that we are all there wanting to read the same things. November is next and we have three picks and I can not wait to see what gets selected. It is a great way to find new authors, and new friends to chat with. I think ill do a monthly re cap of our Book of the month, with a review and hopefully I can get some of the other ladies reviews too, or send you to there blogs and socials to check them out.


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  1. I LOVE My Commander! that book was hilarious as well as a fab pnr