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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Review: Kiss My Boots

Kiss My Boots Kiss My Boots by Harper Sloan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kiss My Boots by Harper Sloan

Not joke from a lie, I am speechless with this story. I was hesitant with this one, only because the first book I liked but didn’t LOVE. But here laddies and gents, book lover all around the world… THIS book called KISS MY BOOTS is everything I love.

As always Harpers writing is perfect, flawless and all so romantic.

“Your life will always overcorrect your steps for you until you’re finally on the right one”

Kiss My Boots is 100 percent standalone, it is a second chance romance and you will laugh, swoon and be pleasantly surprised at how quick you will eat this book up. Yes, we are back in her Oak Pine world, Texas.

Tate and Quinn, 9 years they have been apart and not because they wanted to be apart but because when you are young and so in love and have nothing but fears and adults standing in your way, your miss-leaded to do the “right” thing… in this case what Tate did was so swoon worthy I forgave him as soon as he explained to us why he sacrificed 9 years away from Quinn.

Quinn, is so perfect. Sassy, quick to the punch and a kick ass mechanic… yes, a lady mechanic… so hot! Tate is a lady doctor, and the one liner’s in this are so funny you will be wiping away tears from laughing so hard, and because their romance is of the charts so sexy and sweet. The passion they have for each other ignites our pages.

“He’s a doctor. Trained to see patients in a clinical manner. He doesn’t show up at the office and spend the whole day coming over himself because there’s some lady pockets in his face. It’s a doctor’s office, not an orgy by appointment.”

The cover on this one, is life. I love staring at my copy on my bookshelves.
Jesus Jones, you must pick this book up! I can’t fault anything, everything was perfect I am so excited for the next one, even though while writing this book I have already finished it but just to be able to remember everything you loved about it while writing a review.

Arc was given to me for an honest review, and since then I have purchased my paperback and love it even more.
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