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2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Review: Hole Punched

Hole Punched Hole Punched by Susan Renee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOLE PUNCHED by Susan Renee

It’s hard to write reviews, especially ones that you want people to read and love so that it’ll will make them read about, I guess that’s like blurb to a book, In this case I didn’t even read the blurb to this story I just seen the cover and I knew I just had to have it.

I love covers, some of my favourite covers are the different ones, and this straight up gets two thumbs up for the cover, it has to be the best cover I have giggled about in ages, and to have cat peens on the cover makes it even better, I mean come on! Peens, cat peens… I just had to have it.

I started this book, and legit couldn’t put it down till I finished, I didn’t care what I was doing but knew it was to finish this book, that had me in smiles and giggles from the first paragraph.
Hole Punched, is that book you are looking for that is light on the drama and angst, hilarious rom/com with a good amount of sexy time, if you are wanting all that plus the can’t catch your breath laughing and the funniest words that just make you snort laugh… THIS IS FOR YOU!

“She’s like a walking Las Vegas Strip.”

I can’t even, with the amount of laughing I did reading about Jenna, Jacoby and her best friend Linda, and her sister!

Jenna is the manager at an office store, and Jacoby is the sexy customer that has been lingering around for a whiles now, these two are beautiful together. Jacoby is hiding a secret and Jenna is scared to take a chance together they have a fantastic story. A real funny one, filled with snot laughter and a smile that’ll be plastered to your face.

“You’re a taint- shaver? ....”

I loved everything about this book, great characters. The story was written fantastically that the humour was not forced it was legit funny. I loved that It was told by both of the main characters, I am really hoping there will be another story about Linda and Jack, who is Jacoby best friend!

The smexy time… OH Em G… HOT! There were perfect amounts of sweet and hot, *fans one’s self* thinking back to the scene on top of her car!

"He’s hot in that I’m-not-sure-if-he’s-a-good-guy-or-a-bad-boy-but-either-way-is-okay kind of way."

Susan has written rom/com that makes you want more, when I got to the end I knew I wanted more.

“Come to think of it, neither is looking at a girl in a wet t-shirt, but, you know.” He shrugs. “I wouldn’t want all your customers staring at you all day.”
“Oh? And why not? Because my chest is for your viewing pleasure only?”
“That’s not what I meant, although if you’re offering your chest up to my eyes only I would probably be a fool not to take advantage at least once,” he responds.

You all need this book; it is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. Susan’s characters pull you into their world, their world of funny situations, perfect blend of romance and comedy with no angst, no drama it is literally the best type of book to buckle up and go for a fantastic ride. Like I said you will laugh until you have leaky eyes!

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