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Sunday, July 18, 2010

~~MY Very First Interview,with the one and Only Laura Stamps~~


Hey, Laura, thank you for doing an interview with me!  I'm pretty excited about chatting with you about your awesome stories.

First of all, I loved “A Vampire's Kiss: Book One of The Manigault Vampires.”  I can not wait for the rest of this series.  It was so HOT!!!

And second, I freaking loved "The Rune Witch Series."  I am in love with Wynn and Noelle (mostly Wynn *grins*).  He is one hot HOT sexy sweet edible (oops, sorry, I get off track when I think about Wynn) shapeshifter!!  What a brilliant series.  I hope there will be more of them to come??  Their relationship was great.   What I loved most about it is it felt so real.

Okay, now for my questions...

1.) So for everyone who doesn't know Laura Stamps, could you please tell us a little about yourself?

Sure.  I'm a paranormal erotica novelist, and my blog is wickedly naughty (as you can imagine *lol*).  I've been a fulltime author for 23 years, and my work has been published in over a thousand magazines, literary journals, and anthologies worldwide. The recipient of a "Pulitzer Prize" nomination and seven "Pushcart Award" nominations, I'm the author of more than forty-five books. I'm also a Wiccan Faery Witch, empath, and psychic, so I enjoy writing novels about contemporary Pagans living in the Deep South. Because it's important to me to portray Pagans realistically, my novels are full of real spells, chants, and rituals. And the erotic ones have lots of romance and HOT sex. Why? Because I'm totally oversexed and LOVE it!  And I'm a kinky slut.  And I'm an exhibitionist....well, you get the picture.  *sex-obsessed grin*

2.) For anyone who hasn't read anything from you, could you please let us know about all your series?

I write five series.  Four are fiction (The Witchery Series, The Rune Witch Series, The Manigault Vampire Series, and The Faery Witch Series).  The nonfiction series is "The Memoir Series," made up of posts from my X-rated blog.  You can find more info about my series at the site for my books (http://www.avampskiss.blogspot.com).

"The Witchery Series" is a sexy paranormal romance novel series in paperback (and coming soon in ebook in August). In this series you’ll meet five wonderful Witches: Savannah, Maylene, Mirabella, Noelle, and Ravena. There’s something for everyone in this trilogy. The novels range from empowering to romantic to erotic. You’ll also find real spells, chants, and rituals in each one. Big fun!

"The Manigault Vampires" is a serialized, romantic erotica series in ebook. In this series, you’ll meet Drayton Manigault, the owner of Manigault Technologies and one of the richest businessmen in Columbia, South Carolina. Dray also happens to be one of the oldest vampires in the city. All of the Witches in "The Witchery Series" novels return in this series for lots of erotic, vampy fun with Dray, Val (Dray’s older brother), and Atwell Gibbs (their cousin). Did I mention how gorgeous these vamps are? Oh, yeah, they’re smokin’ HOT in and out of the bedroom. Trust me! *lusty grin*

"The Rune Witch Series" is a romantic erotica novella series in ebook. Wynn and Noelle (from "The Witchery Series") are such a fun, sexy couple I thought they deserved their own series. But let me warn you. Keep a cold drink handy for this one. It’s sooooooooooooo HOT!

"The Faery Witch Series" is a romantic erotica novella series in ebook. Donnie and Savannah (from "The Witchery Series") are such a sweet, romantic, sexy couple I wanted to know more about their relationship. So I am creating a series just for them. I know. This trilogy will sizzle for sure. No doubt about it!  This series will be published in 2011.

"The Memoir Series" is sexy, kinky, and hysterically funny. These books are composed of posts from my naughty blog. Yeah, they’re totally wicked! *kinky grin*

I have two publishers.  Trytium Publishing publishes one series of mine in paperback, and Kittyfeather Press publishes all my series in ebook.
3.) Have you always wanted to be a writer, and what attracted you to write Erotica Romance with the Witches, Vamps and Shapeshifters??

No, I didn't always want to be a writer.  I'm dyslexic, so spelling was hard for me, even though my high school English teachers and college professors encouraged me to pursue writing.  However I was also blessed with artistic talent, so I major in Fine Art in college and became a professional artist.  My prints and posters are still sold worldwide by my art publisher, Haddad's Fine Arts Inc., and I painted the covers of "The Witchery Series" novels (paperback version by Trytium Publishing).

But when I was 30, I changed careers and became a writer.  I have a smoking hot libido, so erotica is a natural for me.  And since I'm Pagan I thought it would be cool for all my series to be Pagan.  Thus, the Witches in my novels.  It's been fun to show people through my fiction what real contemporary Witches and Pagans are really like.  I've also studied sorcery and some of the Native American religions where shapeshifting, astral travel, and lucid dreaming are real occurrences.  As for the vamps, I had always wanted to do a vamp series.   I mean, vampires are sex-on-a-stick, ya know?  When Wynn told me his boss Drayton Manigault is a vampire, I knew I had my vamp series.  ;) 

4.) Do you get time to read?? If so who are you favorite authors??

Not as much as I used to.  This year has been insane.  But things are calming down a bit now, so I do have more time to read.  I found if I read at dinner I can finish a book or two every week, so that's what I do.  My fav novelists are Emma Holly (everything she writes), Lora Leigh (her "Bound Hearts" series), Sunny (her "Mona Lisa" series), Sherrilyn Kenyon (her "Dark Hunters" series), and Kathy Love (her vamp and demon series).  I've also been reading some historical romance lately and love "The Bow Street Runners" series by Lisa Kleypas.

5.) How did you come up with the idea of Noelle and Wynn?  I mean, WOW!!  I love Wynn.  I want to be taken the way he takes Noelle.  He is so sweet to her, and he loves her so so so much!!  (sorry TMI every time I think of Wynn I melt).  Are there going to be any more stories about these two??

Noelle and Wynn were first introduced in "What Witches Want: Book Two of the Witchery Series."  One day Savannah noticed someone moving into the house next door.  It was a short Gothy-looking woman.  Then Noelle came over to Savannah's house to introduce herself (Savannah is rather shy), and they become good friends.  A few weeks later Savannah meets Noelle's boyfriend, Wynn, and discovers he's a shapeshifter.  At the end of that novel Noelle finally lets Wynn move in.  My novels are all character-driven, so I let the characters tell the story and tell me about themselves.  I never decide beforehand what I want them to be like or what I want them to look like.  I let them tell me.  So you could say, like all my characters, Wynn and Noelle "revealed" themselves to me.  ;)

I'm thrilled you like them so much!  Noelle is such an Alpha and a bit of a crank.  Wynn is a Gamma, and a very powerful magical Pagan.  I think he would be bored with a woman who didn't have a strong personality like Noelle.  She challenges him in a way that keeps him interested.  And he lets her, because he loves her so much.  The joke among my characters is that Noelle always acts like she's the one in charge of their relationship.  But everyone knows the one in charge is Wynn.  However he is so secure in his self-esteem he doesn't feel the need to prove anything to anyone.  So he gets a kick out of Noelle acting like the boss.  And the way they constantly flirt with and tease each other is a hoot!  You'll find them throughout the vamp series because Wynn works for Dray.  And I'm thinking their handfasting will be in the next vamp novel "A Vampire's Embrace" (Val's novel).

6.) Have you been lucky in the love department??

Very.  I'm a wild kinky girl and had an active sex life before I married my husband.  In fact I say he fell in love with me when I asked him to bring along a can of whipped cream on our fourth date.  He is very conservative and had never dated such a free lusty spirit before.  In my case, he was the best lover I'd ever had.  Hey, I do have my priorities in order, or what?  *lol*  So I always say Wes married for love, and I married for lust, and it has worked well (okay, some years better than others *lol*).  In June we celebrated our 31-year wedding anniversary.

In fact this year has been so stressful with my all the publisher/agent craziness in my career that I've had a bit of a personality change, and it has affected my marriage...in a surprisingly good way.  I've always been a happy, easygoing kinda slut.  But I suffered from so much Alpha men abuse this last year that I get pissed off now at the drop of a hat.  And my mouth is trashier than ever.  I even make Wes blush, and he's an ex-jock so you can imagine his language.  Whew!  It's like instead of allowing aggravating things to roll off my back like I used to, now I get pissed off and go claws out.  Long story short, I've been scaring the shit outta Wes.  Consequently, the man has become very well behaved this year.  Huh?  Who knew this is what it would take?  I didn't.  But, hey, I'm no fool.  I'm going with it for as long as it works!  lmao

7.) Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself??

How about were people can find me online?  I am all over the web, but most consistently at Twitter every day.  What can I say?  It allows all kinds of naughtiness, so I don't have to be as careful with my trashy mouth as I do at Goodreads and Facebook.  Anyway, hook up with me, follow me, friend me, or just play with me.  Purrrrrrrr...!  I'm the kinda slut who rolls over and spreads for a yummy guy.  But I digress...

Anyway, here's where you can find me:

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Thank you so much for letting me interview you!  I love your stories so much, and I cannot wait to read the rest of "The Manigault Vampires Series."  I am so happy I met you on Goodreads and that I can now say: "I have read Laura Stamps...why haven't you???" {{{Grins}}}

I'm also happy I can now say you are a friend, and that you write amazing stories about fresh, wonderfully new characters with a feel of truth to them!! 

Hellooo people!  ; Hot Tub Sex, Beach Sex, Ocean Sex, Greenhouse Sex, Waterbed Sex, and plenty plenty more SEX!!!!  Love it!!  What else could you want?  How about a plot?  YES, there's one of those too!!!

Thank you again for this fun interview, Laura!


  1. Hi Laura! (thx for the help last night). I have the first 2 installations of your vamp series, and I like the crazy cool mixture you bring to your writing- humor, sex, magic, sex, likeable characters (my iPhone inserted "lickable" for me-Freudian slip?) and steamy sex. What made you decide to have a character who meets a vampire dressed as a vampire at a costume party and tell him that no self respecting vamp would wear that? It was awesome!
    Hi Ang! Great interview.

  2. Thank You :)
    It was Fun,Laura is awesome!!
    And her books are wicked sexy!! I love them :)

  3. Sorry for the delete I was on the wrong account. Anyways Great interview Ang and Laura!

  4. Awesome interview! You had me at beach sex. ha ha.

  5. Love and Hugs Laura! I am looking forward to reading your new series when I have a moment to sit back, relax with something cool to drink and nothing else to do for about 3 days!!! Awesome interview, thanks for sharing with us!

  6. PS That's me..Kenjii aka BPKim ;)