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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Review: Fumbled Love

Fumbled Love Fumbled Love by Lila Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fumbled Love by Lila Rose


What do I say here, I can’t even with that book, it was a cracker of a story! I loved it, it was perfect. The writing, the characters everything. I honestly think Lila should stick with Rom Coms, she executes it every time. I have been reading her work off and on over the years and I really enjoy and prefer her rom coms.

An English teacher and a football star, what a perfect mix.

Reagan and Carter were so flipping cute, funny, swoon worthy just everything I loved.

Highly recommend this book, Lila knows how to capture your attention and make you fall in love with all her cast of characters, I loved that Ree was full figured and shy, but man she is freaking funny. And for a footy player you would think he is a bit of a player, or full of himself but he isn’t like that all. He is sweet, and he wants Ree, and he has some interesting mates too as well as Reagan, her bff and her are everything you want in a friendship.

Anyways, this was such a sweet story, slow burn romance, it’s worth it.
5/5 stars!

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