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2020 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Review: Darkest Heart

Darkest Heart Darkest Heart by Juliette Cross
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Darkest Heart by Juliette Cross
Darkest Heart

I was gifted an advanced copy of this book from the author for an honest review, I at the time was hesitant to pick up any new to me authors, but I am very happy that I took the chance on this book and author and I am super excited to share some of many, many thoughts with you.

I can easily say that I will be continuing with the series and checking out some of the authors passed books too. I really enjoyed the world that she has created, right away when I opened the story I knew I had stumbled into a world I was going to enjoy.

Yes, it is a spun of series from her previous series, but you can read this without reading them and not be lost at all, as that is what I have done.

Anya is a blue winged angelic warrior, and she has been bitten by a demon in battle, and now the only way to cure her is too find the Archangel that has the most power to suck it out from her.

Dommiel, is a fallen angel who is now a demon, he has dangerous, handsome and everything you will enjoy with a male character, as is Anya too. But I really loved our one eyed, patch wearing Dommiel.

The battle between Angels and Demons is a main subject in this story and is the relationship between our two main characters. I adored both. Dommiel, a wee bit more then Anya.

I am excited to see where this series goes, with all the characters and plot twists we meet and discover. You need to checkout this new series, Juliette has written.

I don’t want to write too much more on their travels and what they both must overcome. I am eagerly waiting for book two, I am happy that this one is very adult romance, the romance was perfection. The sexy erotic times, well you guys! they were fabulous.

Do yourself a favour and grab your self a copy on release day.

4.85 stars.
Why not 5 stars?
It was slightly too slow burn romance for me, but that’s just me. I love, LOVE the BOOM… Mates, insta-love romance.

Paranormal Romance, *****
World Building *****
Fantastic Characters *****
Suspense/Plot Twist *****
Sexy times *****
Cover *****
Romance ****

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