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2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Review: All I Want

All I Want All I Want by Megan Lowe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All I Want by Megan Lowe
Holy smokes, I was not expecting that. No seriously I haven’t got any fancy words to explain what I went through reading this story. I felt like at one stage maybe two that I was being sucker punched. At one stage I put the book down and walked away.

This is not your typical Megan story. It isn’t filed with rainbows and unicorns, it’s not like the other stories in the series. You can bet your bottom dollar that you will be in shock with Bishop and Jake! These two men are such beautiful souls, I really enjoyed reading about them. When I read the last story, I was like I bet this Bishop character is hiding something… and I called it when I was speaking to the author.

I knew deep down Bish was kind. I really like Jake and I understand why, he did what he did… but it hurt! I loved the writing, I love this series and I love all the BMX/Extreme Games world that Megan has created. I just love the whole family aspect of this series. Its one of the many reason why I enjoy them. Warning though, there is use of drugs, homophobic douches, heavy drinking and stupid decisions that will make you so mad! This story was a treat though, it’s a different side to the authors writing and she has done very well with showing us that she can write differently and can stamp her mark at writing a LGBT novel that impacts a punch.

The journey these two men take is beautiful, finding themselves, forgiving oneself and learning to love yourself. Healing is important in this story and we definitely watch Bishop do that. All I want reads fast and doesn’t hinder anywhere, I think you could read it as a standalone because you are given a great amount of background information that you would get lost in this world. I am excited for the next story/ies to come.
Overall rating 4 stars.

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