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2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Save Me Cover


Save Me (Make or Break, #3)Save Me by Amanda Heath
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


“I don’t care! Do you hear me? I don’t care Pierce!” She screams at me. She is pissed and breathing fire. She has never looked so beautiful to me. Well when I can see her face and she isn’t turning away from me.
“You care. You can pretend you don’t, but you do. You came all the way out here.” I pause grabbing her hand and swinging her around to face me. “You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t care.” I’m breathing fire now myself, but I don’t care. I pull her closer, until her chest touches mine. I cup my hands around her jaw and lean down to whisper against her lips, “You made me, you broke me, now you’re going to freaking save me.”

SAVE ME BY Amanda Heath Was AMAZING!

I was lucky enough to read the arc before release date, and it freaking rocked!
I Love the series, All the Characters make a big fun size family with Drama, Love, sex, Drugs and scandals <3

I Have to say this was my Fav one out of the series now, Courtney Pierce never thought he would love anyone but Annabella Gage that was until Rachel Sanders jumps into his life and changes it for ever!!

"You're really fucking good at that," She moans, leaning her head to the side for better access."Not really. You just make it easy"

Courtney Pierce is in touch with his feelings and hes not afraid to show them and use them he is a beautiful warm character and i loved reading about him. Court and Rachel Are really perfect for each other!

Things happened. I wore a condom but it broke. Seven weeks later, little Peirce is growing inside of Royal's twin sister.

I love that they actual take the time into getting no each other and making a go of there relationship it is a beautiful heart warming romance to watch.

OMG when Rachel introduces Court to Jericho Barrons i almost squeeeed in delight!!

"I named him after my sexiest book boyfriend so don't judge the name."

Annabella Gage is One Crazy Ass Bitch.. I hate her so much!! and what she did to every one i hope she gets what coming to her!!!

AND OMG The Twist with the boys and Ash had me on edge...lol And just the whole story was Perfect!

I Can not wait for the next book,Ash and Victor!! Whhahooo

And i really hope we get a Donavan Story cos that book needs a happy ever after!!

"You were everything I wanted when I didnt even know I wanted it."

5 ++ Stars!!

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