2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nalini Singh

** spoiler alert ** Love Love LOVED this Book!!☆☆☆☆☆
Where to begin, I don't know where to begin but it was really Good!
Love this series, Love Nalini Singh!!

Elana and Raphael were perfect and they grew closer and closer!!

I love this world!!

I was In shock with the whole Dad,thing what a Dick!!
And that her half sister is now hunter born!!

I love the 7!!

This is not much a review, just me Loving the book!!
Sorry, But if you havent read this series it is a must read!! it is fantastic!!!

"We fall,we fall together"

I just love that saying they have with each other!!!

So many giggles so many OMG moment's for me!! and i actually cried a couple of times!!

“You asked me once what you should call me.” Elena scowled. “I think you said something like ‘master,’ but I’ve decided I had to be hearing things.” “What would you like to call me?” That made her pause. “Husband” was too human, “partner” factually wrong for a being as powerful as an archangel, “mate” . . . perhaps. But none of it was quite right. “Mine,” she said at last. He blinked, and when he raised his lashes again, the blue was liquid fire. Yes, that will do. “But for public consumption, you are my consort.” “Consort,” she murmured, tasting the word, feeling its shape. “Yes, that fits.” A consort was more than a lover, more than a wife. She was ... someone with whom an archangel ...

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