2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Making Promises (Promises, #2)Making Promises by Amy Lane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

kay!! so i dont have the write words to explain to you how much i loved this book,it was just so AMAZING!!!
The Love and Passion and understanding and forgiving of each other was just out of this world!!
Shane and Mickey Were fantastic i couldnt put it down, I love the way Amy Lane writes and draws us into her world!! I Just loved it i can not wait to read another one in this series!!
I cried and Laughed i got anoyoyed but no much i fell in love with every single cat,dog, Family member and just wanted to be a part of this world!!! I Loved this book had to be the best book i have read in ages!!

Quote by Mickey
"Oh yes, you are pretty. There.....If I scratch your ass,will you preen for me?? of course you will.Look at that tail... you are a kitty in search for a piece of ass,yes you are...."

"She cannot have you.You are mine.I dont are how perfect she is for you. You wernt watching her when you spoke,you were watching me,and you are mine"

and another Mickey
" I cannot face you if you think i look at you and see anything less then the man you are.I am not settling for you, i am reaching for you and there is a difference and you are that man"

I just loved this BOOK!!!! I would totally re read it again!!
I just loved every one.. *Deacon and Crick* Thud!!!

Crick did the freehanding,and Deacon said it looked a damned sight better than the water tower.Crick turned red and said"Fuck you,Deacon"and then Deacon had smirked,

So so GOOD!!!

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