Monday, June 16, 2014


Giving It To The Bad boy (tattooed and pierced #1) By Jenika Snow

Well I have to say that Jenika Snows writing is really doing it for me!!!!

"I've wanted her since I first saw her freshman year. She's everything good and perfect in the world, and I have nothing to offer her" - Reese

This is such a beautiful heartwarming read...bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks...lays eyes on the girl of his dreams...but just doesn't feel he's good enough...

Good girl Kiera worm....the shrinking violet who doesn't want to be noticed unless it's by Reese..

There relationship is beautiful to Kiera, Reese isn't the bad boy everyone sees he's so much more..and to Reese, Kiera is anything but dowdy and everything perfect and pure that he wants.

I'd love to say it's plain sailing for this awesome couple but there are bumps in the road....but don't get excited I won't spoil it for you your gunna have to read it to find out!!!

So if your ever at a loss for a read look no further, cause honestly this is one of those reads you start and you won't wanna put down.

She tilted her head back and looked into his eyes.
"In my life, I've never loved anything more than you." And just like that she feel in love with him all over again.

See beautiful, perfect, insta love what more could you possibly want??? Well a huge box of choccies to eat while you read maybe????

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