2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Threader Threader by Rebekah Turner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Welcome to the Helios Academy: evolve or die
It's the year 2050 and life is increasingly hard for 'non-citizens'

Oh, my word bookworms this is a nice twist on a dystopian world.
I’m not even sure how to explain this book, its super cool like Xmen cool.
I really love me some YA every now and then,and this didn’t disappoint.

Its set way into the future and the world has fallen to crap, and then some humans have talents like of the psychic kind.

They have evolved from supernatural creatures maybe, I’m sure I remember reading that. I gobbled this down in one day. I really like the unique twist the author put on creating her own world.
There are all sorts of psy we have Primals, Hyras, sliders and threaders, the list goes on.

This is the story about Josie Ryder, she is a THREADER. This is an unusual ability where she can use own her TK and TP abilities two psychic talents around others to manipulate their own or control.
She was orphaned when she was little at the age of 6 and her Uncle raised her. She now works with her uncle in his shop, she also has two strike against her and for her to become a citizen she can’t get another strike.

Something critical happens and we find ourselves on this sick ride with Josie the leather jack guy who's beennlingering around the shop, a.k.a Blake and she ends up in at the elite Helios Academy. Josie gets a chance to make something out of herself, though her uncle Bobby is not to happy that the path has led to this but it is what it is and life happens and Josie is now at Helios with the humans like herself and other psychics.

Straight away we can feel the chemistry and pull that Josie and Blake have towards each other, but as always one had to fight the other one. I adored both characters, this story is told just in one POV and that is Josie, I didn’t mind it to be honest. I loved that it read quite quickly and the story flowed well, enough that it kept me invested to see what would happen next.

I love all the interaction with all the characters that we meet, her to new closet friends Cora and Darsh are fantastic mates (friends) I’m an Aussie so my lingo would be throughout my review/s any who.

The encounters she has with Blake throughout the story is enough to keep me happy, as you all know I love romance (sex) and even though this isn’t the main focus  in this story it really did keep me satisfied. There are a few little sub plots and all that jazz, one being that she accidently bonded  with her power with Blake and that the director wants it to be broken, so they can get her to thread with not just Blake but other psy.

Considering that I didn’t even know what this book was about  until I brought the book got home and read the blurb, YES, I brought the book because the cover was calling to me.

Just look at it, *sigh* I just had to have it!

This isn’t usually my normal jam, and I mean that because I am always reading adult pnr I like more of a romantic twist on books like this; but hey, in the end I really liked it and thought the writing was good, the characters a cool and hopefully the author would consider more, because I do feel that the story ended quickly like it was a great size story but I thought for the size it was (300 pages) maybe not so much slow at the start and finished with like a oh it is finished now but what about so and so and what about this and that. But it worked I read it and I loved it for what it is. I really am going to check out if the author has more work out.

Overall, it’s a 4 star for the story and a 1 star for the that cover!

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