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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Review: When Nothing Is All You've Got

When Nothing Is All You've Got When Nothing Is All You've Got by Kirsty Dallas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

mind blown... Epic! This was amazing!


When nothing is all you’ve got by Kirsty Dallas

Hope, is all they have!

“I’m not sure what I have left of a heart, Nada, but whatever I have left is…”

I’m not even sure I can do this book the justice with my simple words in this review I’m typing. When asked to review when nothing is all you’ve got, I was really hesitant, not because it’s a Dystopian cos I love all things para, UF and Fantasy. But because I normally stray away from your darker stories.

But in saying that, WOW wasn't I was hooked from the first 50 words. I was captivated by the next 100 words and by the end of the prologue I knew I wasn’t going to walk away!

“My name is Nada, Which is Spanish for nothing, but there were few who bothered to call me by that title. Most called me ‘girl’ the rest completely ignored me”

The setting of this story is set in the underworld, which is the prison underground. Where you live in a sector depending on the crime you have done, but some have been born there and they are White your Innocents, born tho this shit hell. Blue are your petty crimes, theft, prostitution and vandalism. Yellow is arson, kidnapping, drug related stuff. Red is the worst, Red is murder and rape. I swear it felt like I was watching a movie, or I was watching the show 100, which by the way is AMAZING, have you seen that? Good right!

Anyway, getting sidetracked.

Nada is living in the Red sector, tho she was born an innocent her father is the King of the underworld and he’s a big mean douche, like MASSIVVE DICK I wanted to throat punch him all the time, her mother was a junkie. Nada was thrown away like used trash she killed at the age of 13, trained to work the cage (fighting ring) learnt to fight at a wee age of 5 and unfortunately was raped at the age of 16. This girl’s life has been pretty hard, Nada is fast and deadly in and out of the cage ring too.

I loved reading about her kicking ass!

“He was a rich man in a poor man’s world; therefore, he held all the power”

The king, Kinsley hates her, despises her does not acknowledge her as a daughter, makes her fight the cage, it’s that or the whore pit, he likes to think he owns her. But Nada doesn’t belong to no one. He is secretly afraid of her! He tossed her away when she was a babe, and Nada was raised by Dejon *sigh* the best daddy ever! Taught her to protect herself, taught her to fight. That is how she has survived!

“Yuh wrong. Yuh Nada. Yuh everything.” He pushed my fingers closed, forming my hands into fists. “Move like de wind,” He pressed a kiss to one fist. ”protect yuh face” He kissed my other fist. “Keep yuh eyes on de target” His gaze met mine.an don’t get dead”

*shills* like the Goosebumps!

Shadow, *snap* he was brilliant he was not born in the underworld. Shadow was sent to the underground for murder and is the king’s right hand man, the kings # 1 guard and the assassin, he hides in the shadows, the eyes and ears of the underworld. But there is something about Nada that makes him double think everything he has worked hard for in this new place.

“Nada meant nothing, but for some reason my heart and cock jumped at the mention of that simple, insignificant name.”

Nada and Shadow are drawn to each other their chemistry is epic, a true love story which is slowly built up perfectly, and the sexual tension leaping out from the pages.

“Somewhere deep within my chest didn’t want to see her broken”

Rebels, the rebellion group they want to help the whites, the innocents escape the underground to relocate them in the world above. Kingsley hears the rumours that they are moving against him he makes Shadow do some more dirty work for him.

When I was reading this, I was transported into their world, seriously felt like I was there watching it all happen, fighting for my own life. Right weird I know, but you haven’t read it to fully understand how real this felt!

When nothing is all you’ve got, gave me all the feels, I was going through all the emotions. It was dark but not that dark I was in fetal position rocking myself. Yes there is blood and gore, but there has to be they are living in world that is you stay alive or you be dead. You live in this hell fighting for your live or you work the whore pit.

“There is nothing you can do to me that hasn’t already been done. I’m fucking unbreakable”

Nada had me at the edge of my seat with a lump in my throat, I couldn’t stop reading and I wanted more. This was Dark and moving a compelling believable story that made you feel those feely feels!
Watching Nada and Shadow fall in love, realizing they could lose something in a world where they having nothing, is out of this world amazing. I can’t even explain these two, I seriously felt like I was right there watching them. I loved watching Shadow realize that he loves Nada and goes through so much personal growth to protect what is his!

“She would be his salvation in a world that dint usually offer second chances”

A world with no beauty, sure is beautiful to read about.

“See that girl over my shoulder? That women? Her name is Nada, and she’s fuckin’ mine. If you, or anyone else, so much as touch a hair on her outside the ring, you become mine, and not in a good time, suck my dick kind of way.”

The beast fight towards the end had me pacing while reading, I was beside myself I didn’t want to look away yet I had to pace it out while reading, I was gobbed smacked with tears in my eyes towards the end.

When a book like this makes you do all this, what is there not to love?

“One thing was becoming glaring obvious though: I wanted Shadow, I was his, and I was pretty sure he was mine, too.”

I’m not going to spoil the whole book in my review, this is by far my favorite book by Kirsty Dallas I think this has to be her best work yet!

I haven’t read that many amazing books this year, like 6+ stars… can I make that a rating? Well I just did, this was seriously the book for me to beat this year. The bar has been set!

You know that book you want to re-read all the time, this would be mine alongside my other favorites.

“After the crabs are gone, of course. We can’t have an outbreak of cock rot in the Underworld. Civil war would break out.”

If you go onto Amazon, its only 99cents to pre order! What are you waiting for?

6+++ Stars

Arc Received for an honest review… probably not a long review, but honestly I couldn’t just sum it up two paragraphs! Plus this is my review, my thoughts and opinions, Booklovers you must read this book!

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